How To Get The Best Headshots For Your Business

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When you own a business, you need a professional-looking headshot for your website or in publications. Your headshot represents your business and gives it a human face bringing your product in a positive light.

Hiring a photographer to get headshots for your business is a great way to get quality pictures to make your business look professional. That is if they get the headshots, right! Most people opt for average photographers that cover events. They don’t understand there is a big difference between portrait photographers and corporate photographers. Always hire the best corporate headshot photography studio in Alexandria VA, to get the best headshots for your business.

Below are some tips to get the best headshots for your business portfolio:

Relevant To The Brand:

Your headshot is going to represent your business and create brand recognition. Make sure your headshot matches the style and aesthetics of your brand. If you are a creative organization, then try to make a more colorful and casual headshot, and if it’s a law firm, then go for a professional and serious bold look.

Professional Lightning

If you hired a professional corporate photographer, then he’ll make sure to set the proper lightning required to get a quality headshot. It’s better to have natural lightening, but again depending on the tone of the brand, you can switch between natural or professional lightning.

Keep It Simple

The background makes a significant impact on the quality of the picture. There are different options you can go for, to a simple plain white background to bokeh. You can try different looks that suit best for your brand image. But make sure it doesn’t distract the viewer from your face towards the background.

Throw In Some Props

You can include some props as long as they are relevant to your brand and don’t distract the viewer too much from your face. The purpose of the headshot is to get all the focus on your face rather than the background or the props; it’s a double-edged sword, so use it wisely.

Be Presentable

What are you trying to convey to the people who view your business portfolio? Make yourself presentable like you are going to meet someone important like a new client or investor. Wear fresh and clean clothes that are well ironed. Don’t go too flashy nor too simplistic; try to aim for moderation.

Try Minor Makeup And Hairstyle

Get your regular hairstyle, don’t try to do something unnatural to your hairs, make sure to brush them nicely. Try to get a little makeup without overdoing it. The cameras are high quality nowadays and will probably capture all the imperfections, therefore avoid too much makeup that would make you look like a bag of flour.

Don’t Get A Haircut The Day Before

You might be thinking of getting a haircut a day before the photo shoot will make you look clean and fresh, but it is the opposite. Your hairs will look crooked and unnatural right after getting a haircut. It is advised to get a trim a week earlier before the photoshoot schedule so it can grow to a little natural length. You can easily style the hairs when they are slightly grown.

Hire A Professional

This is an absolute must in getting a high-quality headshot. Hiring a professional photographer from the commercial event photography studios in VA will turn your vision into reality. A photograph is as perfect as the person behind the lens. It might be tempting to save some bucks and hire an average portrait photographer, but it will cost you a lot more in the future as the headshot will be representing your brand. Take our advice and go for the best professional photographers for your headshots.

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