Why Choose A Buck Survival Knife to Be Your Companion Blade

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Trying to pick one single knife is like trying to pick one single shirt. It’s just not practical. The reality is that different blades do different things, some better than others and some not as well. That being said, there are just some blades or brands that you should have because they’re really just that awesome. And by awesome, we mean tough, sharp (and easily sharpened) comfortable in the hand, and, if you’re lucky, that knife just might be guaranteed by the maker. One of these knife makers is Buck. You should own a Buck Survival Knife. You just should. There, it’s been said. Now here’s why.

The first reason is the quality of finish. There are many models that Buck makes, some are folding, some are fixed, some have ornamental features like stag handles and some are molded rubber over a tang. However, whether you buy the Buck Cadet Stockman with rosewood scales and brass fittings or the Buck Omni 12 Pt which has a rubber handle and nylon sheath, you can be assured that the knife you’re getting is a quality piece. And by quality, this is what’s meant – the fittings, bolsters, rivets, and any other hardware will be secure, the knife will be solid, the scales will be even, and the sheath will fit well. The knife will be sharp, it will be balanced, and it will have an even hardness. Buck uses 420HC steel nearly ubiquitously. It’s what you might call budget steel, but it takes Buck’s heat treatment well, holds an edge, and is a fairly strong alloy. Now, a Buck knife is not a 5,000 dollar custom knife. But this is a survival knife, and its job is to help you solve problems under duress. A knife that is sturdy, put together well and is sharp and easy to sharpen and maintain fits that bill perfectly. In fact, considering the price and the relative quality of a Buck survival knife, in many ways you get more for you money with the Buck than with the custom job.

The second reason is the quality of results. A Buck survival knife will be a sturdy tool, whether it be a Selkirk with a Ferro rod or a Bucklite with a molded handle. A Buck knife is going to go far beyond what most other knives in their price range will do. Most Buck knives can handle camp chores like splitting, digging, prying and carving with relative ease, depending on the profile and heft of the blade. All Buck knives can handle the tasks of game care in the field with ease, big or small game, birds or fish, it doesn’t matter. And for the general tasks encountered by the survivalist such as whittling wood into basic tools, working rope and clearing brush, a Buck knife will shine. When it comes to the quality of results, a Buck knife is going to satisfy even beyond the quality of finish.

Third is the quality of guarantee. When you buy a knife from Buck, it doesn’t matter if that knife is going to be used by a bushcrafter or open letters. Buck guarantees it for life. That’s how confident Buck is in its blades. You buy one once, and its with you for life, even if you need to send it back to Buck once for a fix or two. In a nutshell, that is why you should fit yourself with a Buck knife. The model doesn’t matter, they’re all suitable for an equal number of tasks, you just have to decide what you like.

Which brings us to the question, where should you go to buy your Buck? One answer: White Mountain Knives. White Mountain Knives has pretty much the best selection of Buck knives around and at really good prices as well. By the way, if you have your heart set on a Buck model that you don’t see listed on their site, call them at 603-866-4752 and they can probably get a hold of it for you. Beyond that, their shipping within the U.S. is free. It’s quite a deal. To saddle yourself with a Buck survival knife for life, hit up WhiteMountainKnives.com.

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