Where to Buy Alcohol in Dubai you need to know

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How to Buy Alcohol in Dubai?

If you are staying in Dubai, or perhaps you have begun living in the city, you may be wondering what the situation is regarding drinking alcohol in Dubai is. A fair number of people do like to drink in Dubai and there are plenty of establishments where you can do such a thing (remember that you should not drink in public areas such as the beaches and parks). And when it comes to buying alcohol you may need to purchase an alcohol license so look into this depending on your situation too.

Another way people may find themselves getting involved with the purchase of alcohol is going down the liquor Dubai duty-free route. If you are not familiar with the duty-free concept, this is either a physical or online retail outlet which sells goods exempt from any payment of certain local or national taxes and duties, as long as the goods are sold to travellers taking them out of the country.

500 Alcoholic Beverages Online:

Modern times offer something that we would not have been able to have a few decades back, and that is the mentioned inclusion of online outlets that offer duty-free goods. For example, if you were to take a visit to Dubai duty-free and visit the liquor section you will find almost 500 alcoholic beverages to choose from. This includes beer, wines and spirits all for their reduced duty-free price, saving on what you would normally expect to pay when in Dubai itself.

Dubai Duty Free Liquor:

But, as convenient as purchasing duty-free online maybe, the most famous way to shop this money-saving method is still through attending a physical outlet. These duty-free stores are normally found in an international zone of an international airport. You may also come across a duty-free shop at a seaport or a train station. Duty-free goods can also be purchased whilst travelling on an Aeroplan or passenger ship. One important thing to check is if there are any restrictions and requirements that need to be met before you can go ahead and purchase duty-free booze and take it out of the country Dubai duty free liquor prices. For example, you may find a limit on the amount of alcohol you can purchase through the duty-free option.

Back to your time being spent in Dubai, and the city has no shortage of excellent bars and restaurants serving all manner of drinks. As you would expect most, if not all bars and clubs will serve alcohol, however not all restaurants will. If you want to drink, it is best to find out beforehand if the establishment serves alcohol or not.

With so many bars, clubs and restaurants to go-to drink, all offering various themes and styles, they could not all be listed in detail here. But if one bar was to be highlighted perhaps Zero Gravity should be the choice. This establishment is currently ranked number one of Trip Advisor out of 109 other nightlife spots. Here you have a modern two-tier restaurant where in the morning you can enjoy breakfast on the terrace, complete with a pool. But come the evening and the DJ’s begin their set, the venue is transformed into a state-of-the-art open-air nightclub and you have the perfect environment for some drinks in Dubai.

Ultimately, however, you choose to drink and purchase from in Dubai, just like any other part of the world, make sure you drink in moderation and responsibly. Please also make sure to respect all rules and cultural customs that the city of Dubai holds when it comes to partaking in liquor drinking.

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