Design a Timeless Kitchen

How to Design a Timeless Kitchen

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Cost-effective kitchen design can be difficult to achieve without proper planning. You need a design that accommodates your taste without sacrificing its utility and gives you a good return on investment. The secret is to design a kitchen that will not go out of style for a long time. This can be tricky, especially in the always evolving real estate market.

Here are a few tips to help you make the right design choices if your goal is a timeless kitchen:

1.   Choose a Classic Cabinetry Finish

Selecting your kitchen cabinet design is often the first order of business when planning a kitchen remodel. There are two reasons why:

  • When you walk into a kitchen, the cabinets are the first thing you see.
  • They provide a lot of practical and necessary storage space.

If you want a kitchen that stands the test of time, choose cabinets that go well with the style of the floor, ceiling and doorways. A natural and neutral colour is a good idea in this case, as a traditional kitchen design will last for decades. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the personality of your kitchen for a neutral palette.

Go for beautiful and timeless finishes for your kitchen cabinets, such as white, light grey or some other neutral colour. For the material, traditional woods like white oak, walnut or mahogany last a long time and complement any interior. If you don’t want wood, you can always go for a stainless-steel finish.

2.   Pick Timeless Materials and Hardware

Look for materials that strike a balance between trend and timeless.

For example, marble and wood transcend time and are beautiful kitchen flooring materials. For countertops, quartz and granite are durable choices, not to mention versatile and beautiful. While quartz is a strong and luxurious material that complements most interiors, granite has a more natural feel that attracts many homeowners. Both materials come in a variety of colours and patterns so you never run out of options. Furthermore, they are very low maintenance.

For the hardware, incorporating conventional latching catches and olive knuckle hinges will help retain the freshness of your kitchen décor for years. To match your quartz countertops, you can choose silver, brass or gold handles and drawer pulls on your cabinets.

3.   Limit the Number of Colours to Three

Limiting the colour palette of your kitchen design to three, (two dominant and one accent) maintains a cleaner look and saves money. To do this efficiently, focus on one primary colour palette for the floor; to create a contrast, choose a secondary dominant colour for the cabinets. For instance, you can select dark coloured granite countertops to go with your white cabinets or a quartz countertop if you have a classic oak wood cabinet.

4.   Develop a Design Board

As you can see, there are several different aspects of your kitchen remodelling to focus on. To keep track of all your ideas, maintain a design board or even loose drawings. It does not matter if you cannot draw or if the blueprint doesn’t look like the finished product.  Convey your ideas clearly to prevent serious design mistakes.

5.   Implement Strong Architectural Elements

Adding some strong architectural elements to your kitchen is another way to create a timeless design. Details in the ceiling, such as beams, planking or crown moulding, add a certain timeless quality and grace to your kitchen.

When you pay attention to every detail and break it down into manageable steps, you reduce chances of making mistakes. Also taking help from experienced kitchen designers will ensure that your home improvement project doesn’t deviate from your goal.

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