Disadvantages of Online Shopping

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There is a saying if there is a God, there is an Evil as well. In the same way, if there are advantages of online shopping there are disadvantages of online shopping as well. We need to accept the disadvantages of online shopping with the same script as we are accepting the advantages. Let’s discuss more the disadvantages of online shopping.

Return Policy
If you received the damaged product or product is nor working as per your expectation then you can return the product however sometimes the return of the product is difficult due to complicated return policy which is not customer friendly.

Can’t feel the product
When you plan to buy the product you always want to try it as you want to check how it looks on you & wants to check the fitting as well, in online shopping this facility is not available. We can say that this is one of the biggest drawbacks of online shopping.

More time on shopping platform
When companies roll out discounts & offer customers tend to shop more as customers think about buying more & spending less. Soon this will turn into habit & many customers will be habitual buyers.

No Sales Assistance
Sometimes customers get confused about the products, like what to buy or what not to buy. In this situation sales assistance is a big help, however, when you do online shopping such assistance is not possible to get.

Delay in Shipping
It is difficult to give the guarantee of the on-time delivery, maybe your shipment delivered to the wrong address or may be delayed by longer than expected. Delay in delivery in a very common issue in online shopping.

Data Privacy
This is a major threat as we give our personal email & contact numbers & address as well, some of the other ways such confidential information can be used in the wrong way. Many companies are trying to tackle this issue & still working on it.

Risk of Fraud
Online shopping could be one of the other reasons for online fraud. When customers do online shopping they tend to save the credit card on the website to make the payment for the future, this may lead to the fraud.

No matter what customers can do they can’t escape & hide from the disadvantages of online shopping. They have to be very careful while doing online shopping.

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