Figuring Out What’s Really Wrong with Your Garage Door

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Having a garage means that you must take care of the garage door since that’s one of the most important areas of the house. Though, the maintenance part can be difficult. There are so many things that a door is subject to such as wear and tear, environmental conditions and daily usage. For this reason, people are always worrying about their garage door breaking down unexpectedly. People dread having to hire a company to perform proper Garage Door Repair Middletown NJ. That’s because it can be a costly procedure and time-consuming. 

Though, if you can diagnose the problem yourself, you will be saving time. Moreover, you would also know what needs to be fixed. The repairmen would not do anything extra and charge you unnecessarily. Here is what could be wrong with the door in your garage.

Opener Not Functioning? 

At times, the opener for the door stops functioning and it does not open the garage door when we want it to. If you have the manual openers that are made of chain and drive screw, then you just need to add some lubricant to the door opener. You can purchase the silicone-based lubricant that is available in the stores. 

Noise in the Door

The most common problem with the door is often an unusual grinding noise. This is not something normal and indicates that there is something wrong. The cause of the noise could be because the door needs lubrication. Some parts end up becoming loose over time and just need some lubrication to start operating smoothly and quietly. 

The Cracks

The door can be subject to a lot of pressure over time. That leads to inevitable cracks and gaps. You might think that needs more professional repairmen. On the contrary, this can be easily resolved by you. You just need to add a waterproof filler. Moreover, another easy fix is adding sealant to caulk any cracks that are on the surface. 

Cracked Sealants

In every high-quality garage door, there is a weather sealant. The weather sealant serves as protection. It prevents the water from entering inside the garage and also ensures no air is leaked. It also helps in decreasing the street noise. So, as you can see, the sealant is an important part of the door. If you notice that there are some cracks or holes in it, you should immediately get to repairing it or replacing it. You can do this process yourself. Buy a good weather sealant either online or from your local hardware store. It’s widely available so that should not be a problem.

Door Opening a Bit and Closing Right After

A lot of homeowners face this issue of the door opening and then closing right after. That means that there is one thing wrong with it. The springs that are located at the top are in need of an urgent replacement. If you have made a replacement in the past three years, do not replace the whole spring. You just need to change the part of the spring that is broken and are causing the issue. 

Door Closes and then Opens Right After

If this is happening to the garage door in your home in Middletown, then there is a problem with the door’s photo-eye. The photo-eyes are basically plastic devices that are on either side of the door. They are a safety feature that functions to ensure that the door is properly working in a way that is not harmful. 

You need to ensure that the door is properly operating if there is a flashing green light you can see on the device. Make sure the photo-eye device is always clear of debris because that can affect its functioning. Another thing that could be wrong with it is its alignment. It needs to be at the perfect angle. 

Door Doesn’t Seal to Bottom

At times, the garage door fails to seal properly to the bottom. In that case, you should take some pipe insulation and use that to cover the part of the door that is not sealing. The pipe insulation can be bought at any local hardware store or online.  

Door’s Remote Broken

If there is something wrong with the remote, you can resolve that easily. Check the batteries and see if they need to be replaced. If that does not work, then you might have to reprogram the whole remote. Find the manual of the garage door and the remote and learn how to reprogram it. It’s better if you do it yourself rather than paying someone a big price to do it for you. 

Rust Forming on the Door

If there is rust forming on the hidden part of the garage door, then the door’s ability to keep the dust and dirt at bay would be compromised. Just remove the rust and you will be removing the problem. Simply use a vinegar solution. Firstly, use dishwashing soap and then apply the vinegar. You can then sand the rusted area.

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