10 Home Interior Trends that will be Popular in 2020

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With the end of the decade, many interior and decor trends will soon fade. And, several trends have already started making rounds in the interior and decor. Some of the interior trends have made a comeback with a slight change, and hosts of new trends have emerged.

In this blog, we have curated ten interior decor trends that will be popular in 2020.

1. Navy Blue Interiors Decor

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Navy blue considered to be a classic color that imparts a minimalist yet classy look to the area. The color is sophisticated and versatile; thus, it can be used in any room. Plus, the color is apt for contrast exteriors and interiors. Whether you are planning to refurbish a kitchen island or want to upgrade your room, this is the perfect color. You can further accentuate the look of the room with wooden work and white trims, as it will complement the navy blue color.

2. Four-Poster or Canopy Bed

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One of the trends that have made a comeback this year is the canopy and four-poster bed. These styles of the bed were famous in the ’90s; however, at that time, they were draped with heavy materials to add luxe look. In contrast to that, in 2020, you can wrap the canopy or four-poster bed with a light material such as light gauzy fabric. Plus, you can opt for the metal, acrylic, or frames that have sleek upholstery.

3. Vintage Accents Decor

Fashion and interior trends repeat itself, but in a unique way, that’s so true for vintage accents. At the end of the decade, the traditional detailing is becoming popular, and this will continue in the upcoming year. Furniture styles such as spindles and spooled legs were quite popular in the back ’80s and have made a huge comeback. However, it does not mean that you can only incorporate vintage accents in your room. Go for one or two statement pieces that speak volumes.

4. Contrast Decor and Interiors

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We aren’t saying that monochrome colors will fade with the end of the year, they will too remain the crucial part of home interiors trends; however, contrast decor is having its moment. It’s time to upgrade your home interiors and add a contrasting touch to it. For an example of your chair has a black fabric. You can go for a wooden or white frame that compliments the fabric of the chair.

Similarly, if your wall has a bright color, you can opt for furniture with nude tones. It will balance out the look. If you are in the look of classy and trendy decor items for your home or office, online furniture and interiors store Hometown is a perfect destination for you. Have a look at its latest collection, and if you like something, use Hometown coupons to get a discount on your shopping.

5. No White Kitchens Interiors

A decade before, white was the only color that was painted in kitchens, and most of the part of the home. With the change in the home interiors trend, it is finally time to bid farewell to white kitchens. If you like whites, you can look for a contrasting color that goes well with the theme of your kitchen, plus it should balance the look seamlessly. Alternatively, you can have wooden cabinets and shelves.

6. Colorful Cabinets

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If you do not want to restrict yourself to whites, then you can opt for bright cabinets that are already ruling the interior trends and will continue to order in 2020. Colors like reds and blues will give your kitchen a classy makeover. Plus, it will add a new life to your kitchen. Alternatively, you can paint your islands with bright colors.

7. Antiques with Art

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Art antiques are gaining colossal recognition these days, and the style will continue to flourish in 2020 as well. Antiques with art add a drama to space, which makes the whole area live and soothing for eyes. Collect statement pieces of art antiques that complement the overall theme of the room.

8. Kitchen Art

While collecting statement pieces for your room, look something intriguing for your kitchen as well. By adding a piece of art in your kitchen, it will nicely blend with the entire house. You can either hang paintings around the cabinets or add artwork on the open shelves that reflect your personality.

9. Wicker Furniture

For the longest, wicker furniture has been part of the balconies and patios. With the change in the trends, these have now become a part of indoor interiors. Wicker furniture is light; thus, you can quickly shift it from one place to another. Moreover, you can style them according to the theme of the house. Plus, these are inexpensive as compared to other furniture.

10. Curved Sofas

Curved sofas are not a new addition to the interior trends. The trend was a significant part of the gone era. However, this time it has comes back with new fabrics and frames that give it a thoroughly modern look.


Soon a decade is about to end, or a new decade is about to start. The decade will welcome new interior trends and styles that will quickly become part of your home. In this blog, we have created ten interior home trends that are going to rule in the year 2020.


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