How Can Easy Intranet Software Help You In Getting Things Done

How Can Easy Intranet Software Help You In Getting Things Done?

With the way cloud-based intranet software is evolving, people are expecting and demanding fresh and exciting features, regular updates and new releases. This also helps vendors in remaining relevant and staying ahead. Ultimately, these expectations and demands are good for businesses like yours. Most of these cloud-based tools have a lot of additional features to offer. However, your intranet software has some original purposes to serve. 

Developers very intelligently focus on developing the next big thing but avoid deviating from the primary objective. It is good to have some additional bells and whistles, however, it must perform the core job – Otherwise, it is doomed to fail. 

An intranet platform making use of software as a service takes an agile approach. A cloud-based intranet application software is reviewed, updated and launched on a regular basis with improved existing features and some new features. However, there is a balancing act. When you, the customer, want to update your subscription, in addition to the new features it brings, you should also see if the software can support your core goal or not. You undoubtedly have some unique intranet requirements. These should be met before seeking out exciting features. 

The functional features of intranet software make it valuable to your organization. Considering the pace of change in the intranet technology market, the software should remain useful and relevant. 

How Does It Get The Work Done?  

A recent survey reveals why businesses are using an intranet. Reviewing data and feedback from 1,000,000 users leads to the conclusion that users use intranet and easy intranet software because of the following three reasons. 

  • To find and share information related to the roles and responsibilities of individuals. 
  • To complete tasks. 
  • To stay in touch with people that can help.    

All three reasons are functional and user-centric. It is a simple fact. You are hiring people to get the work done. However, these people must be aware of their roles and responsibilities. You can use the intranet to make this process more efficient and help your employees in doing their jobs. If you have a closer look at this, you can see that the intranet is solving an important problem at the most basic level.   

Your employees can face several problems while doing their jobs. You can put these problems in the following four categories: 

  • Communication
  • Information 
  • Collaboration 
  • Business processes  


Your employees need to have a lot of communication about their particular projects, teams, and organization. They also need to communicate with each other. 


Both new and existing employees have to be aware of the updated HR policies. They should be able to access company documentation. Your employees need to access and follow the policies and procedures to fulfill their roles.   


Employees often need support from their colleagues on certain tasks. They should be able to find each other even when they are working from multiple remote locations. As they gain knowledge and experience from each other, the overall knowledge within your business is improving. 

These are the core purposes cloud-based intranet software has to serve. So, choose software that is a blend of tools to address each of these categories. Look for intranet software that consists of the following tools: 

  • Directory and organizational charts 
  • Workflow and forms 
  • Integration functionality 
  • Content management system 
  • Enterprise search functionality 

People Directories and organizational charts   

When it’s the people at the heart of your business, they should be able to find and connect with each other. You can use directory and organizational charts to get information about others and understand the responsibilities and reporting relationships. 

Workflow And Forms 

You can use this tool to streamline critical business processes in your company. 

Integration Functionality 

Cloud-based intranet software is powerful, but it cannot replace every single technology you are using. However, those other technologies can be integrated with your intranet. 

Content Management System 

As your intranet can be the center point for your business, it comes with this simple and user-focused tool supporting keywords, tagging and a lot more. 

Enterprise Search Functionality

This tool provides your employees with the ability to search intranet content and information stored in the cloud storage. 

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