How Re-targeting Helps In Paid Campaigns

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Re targeting is a powerful tool for branding and conversion optimization.

When users land on your business web page for the first time, merely 2% of people are actually considering to buy your product. The first time users, the conversion rate can be shocking, but users need more convincing factors to initiate product sales. Fortunately, 98% of users who don’t convert right away can be reached just by using the significant strategy called re targeting ads.

What is Re targeting Ads:

Re targeting ads are ads displayed to the audience who are already aware of your brand or interested to buy the product that you sell. It can produce more significant online sales by putting your brand in front of your potential customers and influencing “window shoppers”, who have already visited your site.

Why Re targeting Ads:

The digital world has opened a new era of business opportunities which in turn customers have enormous options to consider. To stay upbeat in your business game, you need to win people over long before they decide to choose your company over others. Organic marketing and other SEO services and strategies might help get a lot of new incoming web traffic, which is excellent, but converting those number to sales is a considerable challenge. To make use of the paid campaigns to its full potential, you should use re targeting ads.

How to effectively use Re targeting in Paid Campaigns: 

Re targeting campaigns enable you to target particular visitors with explicit ads to persuade them to convert for your sales offer. These campaigns work like a charm because they will allow you to display your ads to those visitors who’ve already expressed engagement in your product.

Campaign Goals:

Before planning your Re targeting campaign, make sure you set the goals which are basically

  1. Awareness: To achieve this goal, the focus should be on influencing your users through brand exposure. So it is a better practice to run awareness campaigns as a precursor for your conversion campaigns.
  2. Conversion: This campaign’s goal is to increase the conversion rate. Thus, the ads should be designed in a way to direct the users to a landing page and convince them to buy the product or service you offer.

Advertisement Type:

Once you have set the goal, make sure to design your ads based on the audience type. Try to segment the target audience before deciding on what ads you want them to see.

  • Find the interested audience by analyzing their behavior for a better ROI.
  • Decide the time duration and frequency of the ads you display.
  • Ads should be different for existing and new customers. For instance, a new feature update with the discounted pricing plan for existing customers can be more effective for an existing customer.

Every time your potential customer notices your re targeting ads, your brand earns traction and more attention. Digital marketing agencies in Dubai can help you in strategizing your paid campaigns by incorporating re targeting ads for a specific audience with specific ad types. With a little help from search engines and social media channels, along with paid ads you can remind your target audience about the problem they wanted to solve and let them know why your product offers the best solution.

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