How to Call Lebanon from the UK

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If you‘ve moved from Lebanon to the UK, you‘re sure to have lots to tell your friends and family back home. Whether you want to chat about the new people, the new culture, or simply the new food, it‘s important to share your new experiences with the people who know you best. That‘s why, at Vectone Mobile, we‘re passionate about saving you money on cheap calls to Lebanon from the UK -and we don‘t think keeping in touch should be expensive.

If you don‘t either, explore our range of money-saving options, so you can start reconnecting with your loved ones, for less!

Cheap Calls to Lebanon

With Vectone Mobile, not only can you order a free SIM quickly and easily on our website, but once it‘s set up, we‘ll also offer you some of the cheapest calls to Lebanon available! Prices start from only 9p/min, so whether you‘re missing home or just want to check-in, you‘ll be able to talk to your heart‘s content.  

Smart Rates

To ensure you always enjoy the best international call rates when you phone home, you can also sign up to our exclusive Smart Rates. Simply text ‘SMART‘ to 345 from your Vectone Mobile SIM, and then top up every calendar month, and we‘ll make sure you always enjoy the cheapest rates to a country of your choice – including Lebanon. Text ‘SMART‘ today, and make the clever choice for your savings!

2 Countries 1 SIM

With Vectone Mobile‘s 2 Countries, 1 SIM offer, you‘ll be able to enjoy having local numbers in two countries, so you can get local rates wherever you are! You‘ll even be able to receive calls in both countries at no extra cost, so no matter where you are, or who you need to catch up with, your conversations can last longer!

Extra Offers

With all kinds of great offers, like £10 free extra credit when you top up; our £15 joining bonus, and much more besides, there are so many reasons to sign up to Vectone Mobile, and start saving money on calls to Lebanon!

Visit our website, or call Customer Service on (44) 0207 179 0134, or on the toll-free number 322 – only for Vectone Mobile customers.

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