How to Stop Spending So Much on Clothes (and still look good)

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For fashionistas, it can be a constant struggle not to invest in the latest styles every month to update and refresh their look. However, your bank account may not approve of this obsession with fashion. If you are finding it difficult to curb your spending on new clothes each month, here are some of the best top tips to ensure that you look good without breaking your bank account.

Get Discounts and Coupons

If you cannot keep away from the enticement of shop windows and fashion shows, you should consider looking for discount codes and coupons that can keep you shopping within your monthly budget. Many shops offer discount codes on their (or your) birthday, as well as seasonal discounts. It may also be much cheaper to purchase clothes online due to social media incentives, although you should be aware of shipping costs if you decide to shop this way. However, one of the best ways to find a discount at any time of year is to use online discount websites such as Swagbucks, which offers an array of deals for fashion stores, including Kohls coupons.

Wear What You Already Own

Although this might seem like an impossibility if you are addicted to shopping, before you buy more clothes, you should try to wear what you already own. If you are tired of your usual wardrobe, you should wear different combinations of clothing, or accessorize outfits to make them look brand new. You should also consider repairing any clothing which has become damaged, with most wear and tear only needing a few basic stitches to look brand new again. You could also consider customizing your clothing or making your own to get the look you want.

Organize Your Closet

Many people decide to buy new clothes, only to discover that they already have similar items stuffed at the back of their closet. To make sure that you are only buying what you need, you should declutter your wardrobe. You can do this by investing in storage containers, by laying out your clothing in an established pattern, and by throwing away or donating any items which you decide you no longer need. This can help you to get a clearer picture of what you do have and it is likely that you will find some lovely pieces that you have forgotten about.

Avoid Going Shopping

The best way to prevent spending so much money on clothes, though, is to avoid going shopping at all. Window shopping is one of the biggest culprits for encouraging needless purchases, and by staying away from the mall altogether, you will ensure that nothing catches your eye. You should also consider limiting the number of advertisements you see online by changing your settings and unfollowing your favorite clothing brands.

Set a Fashion Budget

However, you should not stop yourself from shopping completely, as this may make you want to buy clothes even more. Instead, you should simply set a budget for your shopping sprees. By limiting yourself to only what you can afford, you will be ensuring that you can refresh your wardrobe without overdrawing your bank account.

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