Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Trends For Modern kitchens

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Just a few decades ago, the kitchen was seen as an unwelcoming space. It was hidden at the back of the house, far away from potential guests. It was the place where meals were cooked and dirty dishes were cleaned. It was just a functional space and nobody really wanted to go there.

Now, modern kitchens are the complete opposite. They are the places where you both cook and serve meals, but also welcome guests and interact with them. It’s a place where we feel good, where we get together and enjoy cooking and eating. It’s the place where we both start and end our days. The kitchen has come a long way and now it is often paraded for its design and amazing high-tech features. It’s the center of the house.

Whenever we start a new kitchen remodel project, we tend to focus on these modern aspects. We try to include in our designs every new modern feature. Let’s see what the new trends are saying about modern kitchen designs and how to include them in your next kitchen cabinet remodel project:

Smart kitchens

Technology has taken modern kitchens by storm, and we are not talking just about fancy appliances or a new state of the art gadgets. Modern kitchens already have these features and even more. There is technology integrated into every appliance and function around the kitchen – from the fridge to the oven, to the lighting and all the way to the faucets. Smart is the new word that defines modern kitchens and it’s here to stay. The smart feature can either be built from the ground up or can be added to existing cabinets, appliances or fixtures. Sensors, touch-less devices, voice-operated gadgets, and wi-fi controlled appliances will be everywhere in the decades to come.

Cabinet colors

White cabinets have been around for decades and they are still fairly popular. They are elegant, clean and light up even a small kitchen. However, there are other colors that are expected to see a resurgence. There will be amazing islands of variety, new textures, new colors, and new combinations. The focus will be on contrasts and color mixes that will add personality to the modern kitchen and the kitchen cabinet hardware. There will definitely be a breakup of simple colors – you will rarely find new kitchens with single color cabinets. Wood stain colors will also rise in popularity, especially if the designer wants to accentuate a certain area or a particular cabinet feature. Darker colors are also getting popular, including black, navy, plum and even emerald green. These go well with metal accents, creating an amazingly elegant look. However, darker shades should be used only locally; if you choose too many dark colors, the kitchen will seem uninviting and will create a negative atmosphere. Try to go with a combination of colors and focus on accents. Either way, expect to see tons of darker tones in modern kitchens, but together with more lighter accents.

New styles, materials, and textures

Old styles are still popular in kitchen design. The vintage, farm and mid-century styles will still be popular for years to come, but new styles are expected to grow during the next decades. Homeowners are more open to streamlined designs, fluent shapes, and colors and alternative materials. Stress-free environments are very trendy and it’s perfectly normal – it’s the ideal place to return to after a hard day at work. Stress-free often translates to simplicity when it comes to interior design, and this is what we will expect to see in the next decade. The modern kitchen will be simple. This includes the kitchen cabinet hardware, the appliances, and the fixtures. Upper cabinets, for instance, are becoming obsolete – many homeowners choose to get rid of them to open up the kitchen and make it simpler. This also makes the kitchen look more inviting and brighter, a more welcoming environment. Open shelves are becoming more attractive – they are simple, functional and straightforward.

Streamline design doesn’t mean boring design. It means that the accents will be generated by the materials and their texture. It’s the small things that matter and create an attractive space. For instance, small details, like tubing or rough cut wood shelves are simple items that will create that streamline effect. Natural stone tiles, sculpted elements, and other small details complete the look. The items don’t have to be striking and aggressive, they all have to work together and create the inviting atmosphere of a modern kitchen.

More effective cabinets

Inefficient cabinets are often a source of frustration for most homeowners and are one of the main reasons behind many kitchen cabinets’ remodel projects. Poorly designed cabinets waste space, especially in smaller kitchens were this can be a major issue. Shelves and drawers which are poorly designed create a lot of wasted space and this requires a fresh approach. Larger items simply won’t fit and smaller items have too much room, making the entire kitchen poorly organized.

Efficient kitchen storage solutions, such as cabinets, are designed to help the modern homeowner find what they are looking for easily. Space is better organized, the items are easily stored and picked up whenever necessary. There will be no more frustrations, no more missing items, tools, and utensils. Everything is within reach and comfortably available. Examples of modern cabinet features include appliance units designed to accommodate small or medium-sized appliances (your appliances won’t just lay around), drawer dividers for cutlery, utensils and other small items; pull-out trays for small ingredients, such as spices; tray dividers and roll-out trays; caddies for pans and pots and other kitchen tools; cabinets designed for wastebaskets and recyclables, but also deep drawers for larger items that require long-term storage. Also, modern kitchen cabinet hardware offers better functionality and reliability in the long run.

After your kitchen cabinet remodel project is complete, your kitchen will make cooking and serving meals more fun and exciting for the whole family. Your kitchen will be the focal point of your house, where you can welcome and entertain guests.

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