Top Trends Of Kitchen Chimney That Nobody Will Tell You

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As modern India is shifting its paradigm to the contemporary kitchen design, the chimney has become an integral part of almost every household. They always like to add style and features to their kitchen which is one of the important parts of the home. Kitchen chimney is gaining its popularity in India due to various reasons. From functionalities to look, there are many aspects that the buyers consider before making the final decision. If you take a look at the Kitchen Chimney Price List, you can understand the variety.

This concept of kitchen chimney is recognized as the fastest popular kitchen appliance in India as no other item has managed to gain admiration so quickly.

The primary job of the kitchen chimney is to suck the oil, grime, and fumes but there are many features are added as reflected in the Kitchen Chimney Price List.

Check out the top trends of the kitchen chimney that will help you to make the right purchase decision:

1.  Ductless Kitchen Chimney: This type of chimney does not pull out the air but recycle it and release back into the kitchen.

2.  Vented Chimney: Through the duct, it passes out all the fumes, oils and smoke outside of the house through the installed PVC pipes. It is the most popular type of chimney as it makes the atmosphere of the room fresh.

3.  The functionality of Chimney: Before buying it, you have to understand that functionality of the whole appliance well. The electrical chimney will be installed just above the cooking stove. You need to maintain at least 3 to 4 feet gap between the cooktop and chimney. While cooking, you have to start the chimney that will suck up the grease, smoke, vapor, oil, odor and any small particle. Some designs recycle the air and release it in the air whereas others throw out the pollutant out of the kitchen to make the air fresh. While consulting the Kitchen Chimney Price List, you will know about the features.

4.  Blower: The functionality of the blower is similar to exhaust that eliminates the bad odor and oil vapors at a different speed as required by the situation. When the number of blowers is high the efficiency is also increased.

5.  Mesh Filter: Most of the mesh filters are made of aluminum but stainless steel is better and costlier than it. On the other hand, aluminum is lighter. In the mesh filter, there are lots of layers that retain the oil and grease from the fume and smoke and filter out the air. However, it needs frequent cleaning as the grease and oil particles to reduce the suction power. For the Indian household, it is recommended to clean it every week.

6.  Baffle Filter: This special type of filter is made of different curves through which the air will be passed. Just like the mesh, the surface will retain the oil, grease and other sticky particles. As there will be no restriction to flow the air, it can be cleaned once in every 4 to 5 weeks.
When you will buy the kitchen chimney, you need to consider your own requirement. The number of family members, the amount of cooking and style of cooking everything must be considered to land in the most perfect one. Before visiting the shop, check the Kitchen Chimney Price List so that you will be acquitted with the features and make your decision quickly.