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We are the leading pool cement supplier in UK. Check our the best microcement for pools which is a compact waterproof coating with a reduced capillary network.

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Coating Pools – Poolcement
Poolcement is a type of Microcement especially developed to coat pools e surfaces in permanent contact with water. Microcement This allows a continuous coating without joints, thus improves airtightness, which does not happen with other types of coatings. With a high level of customization, this ideal coating for swimming pools, lets you choose from a wide choice of colours available and also allows the application of mosaics and emblems.

This coating keeps on of the mainly advantages of Microcement, you could apply it to almost all surfaces, which doesn’t cause noise or debris.

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Microcement Features for Pools
The formula used in this type of Microcement is based on the latest technologies used in skyscrapers, whose structures are based on high-strength materials, with a durability three times higher than traditional concrete.

Poolcement is a compact e waterproof coating with a reduced capillary network which, in contact with water increases its efficiency, thus doesn’t need any sealer to ensure their water resistance. Even so, instead of the Sealer we applied Poolsealer. The Sealer that provide watertightness tend to be insensitive to negative pressure, thus, over time, stains and blisters may appear which eventually leave and allow the water to attack the coating. Our lining for swimming pools – Poolcement – is impermeable to water but permeable to water vapor ensures a wide lifetime of this Microcement.

Microcement Application for Pools
This application is different of the other types of Microcement, since this isn’t used Fiberglass mesh and has different sealing process.

Cleaning and Maintenance
In order to facilitate cleaning and maintenance that has achieved unparalleled quality, this coating for swimming pools apply a final coat Poolsealer that penetrates deeply into the capillary Microcement network in order to form crystals and preventing the penetration of water, acids and salts. In other hand other coverings where use protectors that create a surface film whose outcome immersion is unreliable.

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