What you Should Know about Self Hosting Model Available in ASTPP

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VoIP industry is one of the rapidly growing industries. ASTPP is one of the leading and renowned VoIP solutions. For more than 16 years, ASTPP has been offering open source VoIP billing solutions to different companies and enterprises. As per the statistics, more than 10,000 businesses use this billing solution, called, ASTPP. In mid 2019, the community launched smart telephony software to benefit growing VoIP businesses. At the same time, the community also launched the enterprise version of ASTPP. The enterprise version of ASTPP is available in two different models and today we are going to talk about the Self Hosting model.

What is Self Hosting Model?

The ASTPP community has now launched an enterprise version of this smart VoIP software along with the open source version. This solution offers additional features to its users and the reason of launching the enterprise version is to collect funds that can be used in research, development, and growth of this solution and community. The enterprise model has more features and functionalities along with some value added add-ons that are not accessible to the open source users of ASTPP.

The Self Hosting model is a cost effective way to use all value added solutions, features, and functionalities of this smart telephony platform. According to this model, the ASTPP users can access all features, functionalities, and add-ons of both open source and enterprise versions. Furthermore, the cost of the Self Hosting ASTPP model is less expensive compared to the Managed Services Model.

What are the benefits of using Self Hosting model of ASTPP?

The major benefit of this model is that one can have access to everything this smart VoIP software has to offer. Below is the list of add-ons which one gets to access along with the comprehensive billing software, class 4/5 Softswitch solution and other core features of this system:

  • ACL management
  • Fax server (FoIP)
  • Ported numbers
  • Custom rates
  • Fraud detection
  • Alarm
  • Country report
  • Multi tenant IP PBX
  • Schedule report
  • And more

These are the additional add-ons available with the ASTPP enterprise version and not accessible to the open source users.

Another major advantage of the Self Hosting model of this smart telephony solution is that it is cost effective. If you have a team of ASTPP experts in your company, you can use their skills or also hire a freelancer for installation and support services to use the power of this smart VoIP solution. Also, one can use the support service from the official team of ASTPP experts.

What are the disadvantages of the ASTPP Self Hosting model?

There are no such disadvantages of using this offering of the community. However, we can compare the one model and another and that gives a hint of something that you miss while using one model compared to another. Compared to open source ASTPP version, this one is expensive because the open source is available for free, but it is worth an investment. Compared to the Managed Services model, this one doesn’t give access to free support from official ASTPP developers, but that one can give up that if he has developers in his team.

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