Should I Hire a Consultant or an Agency for Digital Marketing?

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Many businesses are unaware that they should hire a consultant or an agency as they are devoid of knowledge between the same. The confusion is likely to happen but the difference is huge.

Let us gain some familiarity with the terms. Usually, people don’t pay much attention to nomenclature. A digital marketing agency is an organization that works at a higher level. People follow a hierarchy in an agency. They have strategists, account managers, and individuals such as designers, developers, etc. who contribute to the agency.

On the contrary, a consultant could be an individual who works for an agency or directly deal with the client. Mostly, they are the solo person not committed to any bigger organization.

There are some pros and cons of hiring an agency or consultant; by the end of this article you will be in a position to figure out what is best for you.

Strategy or services

An agency will handle your social media account, implement changes and all. The work in any agency is at a different level and on a large scale. Expecting abrupt solutions from an agency does not make sense because they work for multiple clients.

Conversely, a consultant will provide you immediate solutions. However, consultants handle other responsibilities themselves so there is a chance of a mess in this case.

Now, you must understand the nature of your business to avoid the dilemma. If you need the only strategy because you already have an in-house team, you can go for a consultant. Your in-house team can get into a conflict with an agency. If your team feels stuck anywhere in you can call your consultant.

You can go for an agency if you want the proper implementation of the strategy.

Multiple type of marketing or single approach

An agency is a better choice if you want marketing at multiple channels. They have social media account managers, Google ads expert, SEO experts, etc. They have a dedicated team for a specific task, for instance, Google ads consulting team, a team for Twitter account handlers, and so on.

A consultant is an individual player who may not be able to handle multiple accounts if you ask them to handle it. A consultant is a better choice if you don’t want to jump on multiple platforms. This could be the case when you are a start-up or just want to do some experiments in the market.

Low or high budget

Mostly consultants are cheaper than agencies. It is worth spending on an agency because you have access to multiple talents. Different perspective brainstorm for your project. They also have experience in dealing with multiple brands.

However, it is not a compromise if you hire a Google AdWords consultant because they are cheaper. There are many consultants who charge more than big agencies due to their efficiency. You can analyze the nature of your business, if you are low on budget; a consultant is a better choice. If you are not tight on the budget and want multiple perspectives, go for an agency.

There is no constraint; you can hire either of them after analyzing your goals. What matters s a smooth experience.

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