Significant Mobile App Development Mistakes That Could Ruin Your App

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In this digital era, the dependency on mobile apps has profoundly increased. As a result, app development has emerged to be one of the most lucrative businesses. Due to high competition, businesses fight to release their app on the app stores before others can. New apps arrive on the app stores every day but, few of them get downloaded and become successful.

Many developers and entrepreneurs are looking for effective solutions to ensure that their mobile apps get justice in the app market. A few mistakes during the mobile app development process can cost a fortune and spoil the future of the app. Let us have a look at them.

Common App Development Mistakes that a Company Makes

Lack of Market Research and Strategy

Research is the most important step in app development. Having a great app idea but not doing enough market analysis will ultimately lead you to losses. Research lets you understand the condition of the market, behavior of the target audience, latest trends in the market, what technologies will suit your budget, marketing methods, etc. One can also conduct surveys to test the market. All this will help you to plan an effective strategy to build an outstanding product and get a competitive advantage. Many companies don’t do enough market analysis which is a big mistake.

Not Knowing Users’ Expectations

To attract the users and ensure that they actually download and use the app, it is imperative to know what they are expecting from the app. Right from the first impression of the look and feel of the app to its usefulness to the users, everything needs to be taken care of. Depending on the behaviour of the target audience and users, their demography, etc. you need to create the UI/UX of the app. Questions like-

  • What features are they looking for?
  • How are the app services making their life easier?
  • What plugins will be needed to provide extra functionality to the users?

need to be answered beforehand. If you do not study the users and their needs, your app development is bound to fail.

Not Releasing the Updates on Time

It is necessary to assess the performance of the app from time-to-time make the required changes to it. For ensuring that the app is error-free and provides a better experience to the users, it needs to be updated and those updates should be released to the users on time.

Violating Guidelines of App Stores

A number of mobile apps get rejected if they don’t follow the app store guidelines. So, ensure that your app meets all the guidelines before submitting it to the stores for approval. Also, the apps that look fraudulent, copied or clones of other apps get rejected or dumped by the stores. Make sure your app is safe to run on mobiles, it has the right information, backend services are enabled properly and it follows development guidelines, brand and marketing guidelines, etc.

Irrelevant or Too Many Features and Interfaces

A good app will always make things easier for users. Bad features and interface design will kill the app faster than anything else. Every feature should be useful to the users. So, make sure that you identify all the core features and develop them with high-quality during the app development process. Don’t add too many features. Adding too many features that are not useful to the users will simply annoy them. Powerful and useful features along with a simple design are the key to a successful app.

Not Using the Technology Well

You may have encountered with apps that crash again and again or do not function properly and don’t perform even the basic tasks. Their backend doesn’t meet the basic infrastructure. Such apps are usually built quickly with little efforts and don’t make use of technology to its fullest. These apps get discarded from the app stores sooner or later. So, the app development companies should not rush to release a low-quality app.

Ineffective Testing of the Mobile App

After the complete app development process, you need to spend a good amount of time on testing the app and discovering if there are any issues in it. You need to fix all the bugs and make sure that the final product is flawless. Many companies rush through this phase and some don’t even do the testing at all. Poor testing of the app mostly leads to a failed product.


In this technologically advanced world, more and more users depend on mobile apps on a daily basis. As a result, mobile app development has gained a lot of importance. However, to develop an extraordinary product, the app development companies need to avoid the mistakes mentioned above. There are some other mistakes like developing too many platforms, marketing the app too late, etc. that the companies commit. If these mistakes are taken care of, the companies can have a flawless product.

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