Simple Steps To Find A Missing Pet

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Losing a beloved pet is a nightmare for pet parents. It’s very stressful task to find out the lost animal. In finding lost pet first 24 hours are very crucial. Proactive approach will increase the chances of reuniting you and your pet. Many missing pets are found safe and reunited with their families if searched properly.


Following are some simple steps that are very helpful in finding lost pet:


Act quickly: Start searching extensively in your house and area nearby. Most pets are recovered well within a two mile circle of their home. Search all unusual places of your house like cabinets, closets, inside furniture or any spare room, roof of the house, homes gutter, garage, or any crawl space. May be you can find them in neighbour’s yard or public park. Let’s think about all those places where your pet can go in search of company, comfort or food. Try to attract them by using their favourite food or toy or anything they are fond of. Try to cover these areas immediately after you find them absent. Most suitable time to search is early in the morning or after dark as they walk around at the time when it’s calmer.


Visit your local animal shelters, humane society, and rescue organisation: Many shelters and rescue centers are overwhelmed with pets. They might not match your description of pet so visit there frequently to see them personally. File a lost pet report with every shelter and animal control office near to your home.


Post flyers and missing posters about your lost pet: Post a flyer that have good clear picture of your pet. Describe thoroughly about your pet like pet’s name, age, breed, and unique identifying characteristics. Provide your contact detail. If you want to give some award or money to the finder mention clearly. Also give flyers to every animal control organization, rescue group and vets office within at least a 10 mile radius. Place flyers at all the places where maximum people can notice like grocery stores, community centers, vet offices, mailbox clusters etc.


Engage social media: Put a lost ad on all social media and internet like facebook, twitter, Instagram, radio station, etc about your lost pet. Post all the information about your pet and keep updating your posts. Besides, you can log into some lost pet website to find a lost pet online. Also place ads in the local newspaper.


Call the police for stolen pets: If you suspect that your pet is stolen, call the police immediately for help.


Prevent your pets from getting lost: Buy a security camera system to monitor your pet. It will be beneficial for your house’s security too.


Implant a microchip to your pet. It is a safe, easy and effective way to protect them from getting lost.


Pets should wear a collar with an ID tag all the time.


Never give up! Many lost pet animals have found their way back home. So don’t exhaust yourself, just put your effort in right direction.


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Preeti Rani invites all pet owners to Pet Alert to stay updated for your loved pet. You should follow above mentioned steps to find your Missing Pet earliest possible for better chance of finding them.

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