Solid Carbide Thread Mills From Online Carbide

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Creating interlocking parts in your shop often requires machining threads. This process, traditionally done using specialized thread taps, can now be completed using thread mills. If your shop needs to add threads to harder materials, like steel, you need the cutting power of Solid Carbide Thread Mills. At Online Carbide, we specialize in making the high-performance end mills your shop needs from only the finest carbide stock. If you need cutting tools that can handle heavy use without losing their edge, visit our online store today.

Online Carbide is an American manufacturer of quality end mills and drill bits designed by machinists for machinists. We make each of our thread mills using solid carbide stock ground using the same robot fed 5 axis CNC grinders as other industry leaders. Unlike other end mill producers, we do not sell our products through middlemen to big box stores. Instead, we offer all of our products direct to consumers at manufacturer direct pricing so you can get the quality cutting tools your shop needs without breaking the bank.

Carbide cutting tools are the best option for machinists working with harder materials like steel. While metal tools will quickly wear and shake at high speeds, carbide is remarkably stable. This is because the material we colloquially refer to as “carbide” is in fact a combination of powdered tungsten carbide ceramic cemented together using cobalt metal. This material combination provides the tensile strength of metal and the incredible rigidity and edge retention of ceramic.

At Online Carbide, we offer several varieties of solid carbide thread mills. Our single pitch thread mills are an amazingly versatile option for machining interior and exterior threads. They are the perfect tool for jobs that require several thread sizes that you need to cut without tool changes. They can also tackle trickier jobs like asymmetrical threading and components with thin walls.

We also offer full form thread mills. These end mills can thread and chamfer using a singular tool. If you need to cut a uniform thread size many times, our full form mills can completely thread your workpiece in a single 360° pass. They can also mill multiple thread sizes, as long as the thread pitch is uniform. You can purchase our full form thread mills in a UN, Metric, NPT, and NTPF thread sizes.

All of our thread mills come with a titanium aluminum nitride coating. This dark chemical coating is perfect for protecting end mills operating at high speeds. As your TiAlN coated end mill heats up, the coating forms a hardened layer of aluminum oxide. This layer offers high chemical stability paired with low thermal conductivity. As the temperature of your milling surface increases, this AlO layer helps deflect heat away from your cutter and into the chips. Keeping your end mills cool helps to retain their cutting edges much longer than uncoated end mills.

We also offer a wide range of additional cutting tools for your shop. From standard square and ball end mills to specialty items like variable helix end mills and drill mills, you can find whatever your shop needs from our store.

So if your shop needs solid carbide thread mills or any other high-performance carbide cutters, visit Online Carbide today. Our team is dedicated to helping your shop acquire the tools you need at a great price. We are also happy to work with machinists who need custom cutting tools ground for specialty applications. If you have any questions about our tools or you would like to request a custom quote, you can email us at [email protected].

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