Nakiri Knife


Japanese knives have specialized applications. Let’s look at the common types: Double Angled Blades Gyuto: somewhat similar to the western chef’s knife, it has a thinner knife with a sharper edge, which makes it versatile and helps with precise cuts. You can chop vegetables, meat, fish and fruit with it, cut into slices and chop. Santoku: You can call this multi functional Santoku knife a cross between a Gyuto and Nakiri, which can be used to cut fish, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. Sujihiki: this knife has a sharper and thinner edge than its western counterparts. Thanks to the long blade, you can use it for cutting pâtés and terrines, chopping cooked meat or even cutting raw fish (by replacing yanagi that is normally used). Nakiri: With a straight, thin knife and a large back that tapers to a blunt, square tip, it looks like a chopping knife and is…