Treatment of Leukonychia


Leukonychia Striata: What is it? It’s a condition where the whole nail plate turns white in color. The condition is more common in fingernails than on toenails and another type of leukonychia is Partial leukonychia. Although it is not a painful disease, as we all knows that bones are the mineral storehouse of the body so the fingernails are known as window to our bone health  and when your nails  showing white spots,  it shows that the health of your bones is not well, and they can be shown easily to anybody  if you are deficient  in minerals  such as calcium, zinc, magnesium. Treatment of Leukonychia It is not a life-threatening illness but you have to take it seriously as the deficiency of minerals and weak bones can lead you to various problems related to health. As we know bones are the base of the body. Our healthy knee joints,…