The Best Hot & Cold Water Dispenser For Your Needs

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The 5 gallon water dispenser is the ideal solution for your home or office area when you need a place to provide fresh clean water for people. These types of water dispensers are commonly found in offices where you have to wait in the main lobby.

Many people even prefer to have these in their homes simply because they choose to go with fresh bottled spring water instead of having to rely on their water filter. These 5 gallon water dispenser are also quite affordable and they can be had for very cheaply if you buy them used.  Let us go over the different types of options that you have available to you.

With all 5 gallon water dispenser, it will use a standard 5 gallon bottle water which has to be replace or replenish when you’re running low. It may also be a good idea for you to stock up on a couple of these so that when you run out of water, you’ll be prepared and have some ready to use.


The standard shape of these types of water dispenser are commonly seen in office area and many of them features both a hot and cold water functionality. The hot water works by heating up water and then storing the reservoir of this heated water inside a separate container. These standard types of 5 gallon water dispenser can be used anywhere, however if you prefer to have something a little bit more modern and stylish looking, then you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of different types of designs to choose from.

The main thing you’ll quickly notice is the 5 gallon water dispenser stand. The stand has many different shapes and sizes to them. Depending on your needs, some stands are only designed to dispense water directly from the bottle and has no function to keep the water cool or heat it up. There are also some 5 gallon water dispenser stands that hides the water bottle from view. It usually stores them in the back in a separate compartment so it makes the water dispenser unit looks more modern and sleek.

In terms of maintenance, you want to make sure that these 5 gallon water dispenser are cleaned often to make sure that they don’t collect bacteria or dust around the spigot area. An important thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t place your 5 gallon water dispenser in an area that will receive direct sunlight otherwise you may inadvertently promote the growth of algae. If that does happen, it is best that you replace the entire water bottle with a new one.

5 gallon water dispenser is an inevitable need for people who wish to provide the
best hot and cold water dispenser with all of good features and finally enjoy the good benefits for their health. Water is something important in people life, thus people cannot simply choose the water dispenser carelessly. On the market, such product is available in various size and specifications, and the best one is absolutely the dispenser that offers some features to fulfill someone’s need, including the adequate capacity, good guarantee and also the good materials.

Here are some possible options of 5 gallon water dispenser.

The first 5 gallon water dispenser product you can see is called Orange RBH1685ORG Water Cooler. This is the great thing you can look at which will be very suitable for water and other cold beverages. The great thing about this product is the durability of polyethylene for crack-resistance. Further, the heavy duty construction of such 5 gallon water dispenser will be helpful to avoid dents and corrosion.

What else does the 5 gallon water dispenser offer to you? You can enjoy the thick insulation keeps beverage hot or cold. The fast flow faucet will enable you to pour the liquid easily. It is completed with the ultraviolet inhibitors to resist fading as well. This product meets OSHA requirements. By looking at the specification of 5 gallon water dispenser above, you can assess then whether you should take it or not.

When the 5 gallon water dispenser type above cannot fulfill your need, it’s better tp look at another option. Make sure to find the one with better feature and function, thus you will finally choose it as your final decision. If price is the number one concern in your mind, do not feel doubt to choose the affordable one.

In fact, the market also provides the affordable product with quite good features too. But, the main consideration should be about capacity if you have a lot of people at home or you live with your extended family. So, choosing the best 5 gallon water dispenser will be easier if you have set your priority (budget, capacity, quality, etc.).

The next recommended 5 gallon water dispenser you can look at is called Bluewave Home 5 Gallon Big-Mouth with Valve Multi-Use Polycarbonate Water Bottle. It is made of 100% Polycarbonate called Bayer Makrolon. It is a high tech material which will support the function of the dispenser itself. It can even withstand up to 275′F and help ease landfills by reusing bottle again.

The 5 gallon water dispenser above is perfect for daily use either at home or office. Besides, it is great as storage for emergency preparation. It is both easy to clean and fill as well. You can use it as a portable 5 gallon cooler. Feel free to take it everywhere. However, it is still possible for you to look at the other products if the 5 gallon water dispenser above cannot meet your needs.

Looking at Igloo Industrial 5 Gallon Water Cooler with Cup Dispenser will be the great alternative. This is the 5 gallon water dispenser which comes up with replaceable heavy duty handles and spigot. It is made of all plastic and rust proof construction with sanitary white liner. Whatever the final option of 5 gallon water dispenser you would have taken is, make sure to take the best one which cover your basic needs and suitable with your preference as well.

These 5 gallon water dispenser units are the ideal solution if you don’t prefer to
use a small water filter jug and don’t want to have to go through small bottled water. They can be used in the home or anywhere else where you need to give fresh water and it is quite economical to provide fresh drinking water in this way.

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