The health benefits of a clean house

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A research found a correlation between physical fitness and a clean house. Scientists have found more exercised participants with tidier and cleanlier homes. As a result, the expert claimed the house’s  condition seemed to be the only factor that influenced the physical fitness or health.

The question remains: do healthy people have more motivation to clean their houses, or are they just focused in terms of cleanliness and tidiness of their house? However, keeping a clean home has its positivity – ensure your body is practically healthy.

Several reasons for keeping a house tidy are including:


1) Reducing adverse reaction and allergy symptoms

Usually, in areas with carpeting, cabinetry or bedding, or in places that are naturally dusty such as storage room, can increase the potential of catching allergies and asthma. According to an allergy and asthma professional, dust mites, pet dander and bacteria lurk in physical possessions that can cause allergic reactions, reduce air quality and raise possible asthma issues. The more stuff you have at home, the more challenging it is to make it clean.


2) Lessening germ distribution.

While most people think of restrooms or toilet as the house’s most bacteria-ridden places, findings indicate that the kitchen is the most significant area of bacteria-ridden place. The reason why kitchen is a popular area for bacteria is because of the many crevices that can accommodate water or food smudges. Expert advises that counter tops should be made of an impermeable material which, after cooking raw fruits and veggies, can be washed with soap and that cleaning sponges and cloths which encourage the development of bacteria should be cleaned after each use.

According to the United States Disease supervision and prevention centers,  intestinal disease by contaminated food, and food poisoning is less likely spread in  cleaned and sanitized kitchens. Expert also talks about the importance of taking care of the restroom. The toilet and sink and faucet handles are need to be disinfected with highly dangerous viruses and bacteria. These are a major focus of hospital indoor sanitation and must also be at home.


3) Relieve stress and exhaustion.

If you live in a dusty house, you are consciously aware of the work that needs to be completed and you keep worrying and distracting you from having a good rest. Too much chaos in house can cause huge distress and exhaustion. When things take longer time to complete or can not be found, stress levels are rising, and so is the risk of complications.


4) Keep away from insects.

In untidy and dirty homes, bugs and pests can multiply and easily hide. Liquid spills, food debris and dirty pet bowls attract them. Because they carry diseases, bacteria, germs and allergic reactions. Not only are insects disgusting, but they can spread dangerous germs to humans. These are a well-established cause of asthma, contain different bacteria and parasites and they can spread gastroenteritis-causing germs.

Rats can be an issue for many homes as well. They can carry disease to humans, including lymphocytic choreomeningitis, campylobacter, and hatavirus. Regular cleaning, which include putting all trash away after each meal in containers and daily removal of trash helps to keep pests away and discover them before they become a serious issue.


5) Safety improvement

Falls are two of the major causes of personal injury and death. Tripping over things and falling on slippery surfaces can result in head injuries and damaged and sprained limbs, leading to a trip to the doctor in the hospital. Besides, clutter can easily speed up fire spread and hamper your ability to avoid or be rescued. To make your environment psychologically safer, it is important to keep your home tidy and clean.



6) Help your waist and diet

Research has shown that when faced with daily problems or professional stress, girls eat more sweets and high-fat foods. Tidy and clean house can improve  people’s mood and relieve stress level, and it is indirectly help you to maintain your waist line and people tend to choose the healthier food and diet.


It is understandable that people might not have enough time for house cleaning, especially the working couples in the cities such as Sydney or Melbourne. However it is extremely important to make sure your house stay clean and tidy, one of the quick fix is to hire a professional cleaning services in Sydney. Enjoy the benefits of clean and tidy environment at home with little or nothing to work on the cleaning tasks by yourself.

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