Things No One Tells You About Choosing The Best Wedding Venues In Miami

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Weddings are usually very unique, however, most weddings contain the same features and components. One of the most important happens to be the venue. Wedding receptions are amongst the most popular parts of the evening and as such, preparation and finding a venue can be quite a stressful experience.

You often read and hear about the best tips on how to choose a wedding venue. Everyone has an opinion about this topic. Everyone has either gone through this experience or knows someone who went through it. They all want to share their experiences and tips. This is perfectly OK, don’t get me wrong, but it’s usually the same advice you see everywhere. You’ll get a plethora of tips and tricks about rates, capacity, food, and location. Yes, these are important aspects you should take into consideration before your wedding, but there are also other aspects to pay attention to.

In this guide, we are going to talk about the tips you won’t hear too often. We will go over the main things people don’t talk about when planning their wedding. Here’s what to keep in mind before your wedding:

Talk With Your “Must-have” Service Providers First

There are a lot of people who will be involved in your vintage wedding in Miami. We are talking about service providers that will help you create the wedding you want and the atmosphere you want. For instance, the photographers are some of the most important service providers for your rustic wedding in Miami. You may want to work with a specific photographer, choreographer or DJ. It’s very important for you to have that specific photographer and no one else.

If this is the case, try to contact the photographer or any other service provider before you decide anything else. Talk with this service provider and explain your plans, the date of the wedding and what you are looking for. You’d be surprised – some service providers have ample experience and will happily guide you when planning the wedding. For instance, your photographer may know the right venue for you or may know a fabulous food and beverage provider.

Think About Practicality

Yes, the wedding is your day. It should be a perfect day for you and you shouldn’t worry about your guests. Unfortunately, that rarely happens – you must worry about the practicality of the locations for your wedding day. You’ll have to think about how your guests will move from the church to the reception.

If transportation is not reliable, your guests will not enjoy the wedding and the atmosphere will suffer. How will they get around? Will they have to drive? Is there any reliable transportation? Will you rent a limo? Also, think about the financial aspect of transportation – will you have to spend more money on transportation? There are a lot of variables to think about before going ahead with your rustic wedding in Miami.

Make Your Vision Clear

Every wedding should have a theme, a clearly defined vision. Rustic weddings in Miami are very different when compared to vintage weddings in Miami, so you’ll have to pay attention to the theme you choose. Everything will be different: the costumes, the food, the music, the decoration, and even the smallest details. You will feel the differences and everyone around you. It’s what the atmosphere of a wedding is all about. It’s quintessential for any wedding.

You should have a clear vision of what you want from your wedding. Whenever you visit a new wedding venue, you should envision your wedding inside. You should see the decoration, the guests and the entire party. This will help you get a feel for every new venue. You’ll see which venue works for your theme and which doesn’t. There’s a lot to pay attention to, but if you have a general outline of the wedding, and a general theme, everything will go much smoother. You’ll know the flowers you want, the decorations, the costumes, and the music.

Check Reviews Online

Every business should have a powerful online presence. Review platforms are no exception. As soon as you visit a new venue, you should check their online presence. Do they have a website, a social media profile or reviews on major review platforms? Check everything! This includes WeddingWire, Facebook, Instagram, The Knot, Yelp, and Google Reviews. It may sound excessive, but make sure you know everything there is to know about the future venue of your wedding. After all, it’s the most important day of your life. It should all work perfectly.

Watch Out For Red Flags

This is something we cannot stress enough. Always be on the lookout for red flags. Every location has its disadvantages, but make sure they are not too much. There are certain venues that may seem perfect, at least on paper. When you visit the location, however, everything seems to be falling apart. The building is in poor condition and the staff is unfriendly. Also, whenever you ask a question about possible ideas for customization you are welcomed with numerous variations of “no”. Whenever this happens, run as far as possible and avoid choosing the venue. Also, avoid venues that simply cannot accommodate your guests, buildings that are unsafe and unsanitary and venues with unfriendly or aggressive staff.

As a side note, if you want to have a wedding in a hotel or a resort, try to spend the night at the location. This will help you understand how the staff treats their guests. You’ll also know how the venue is and how it can accommodate your vintage wedding in Miami.

Ask About Possible Renovations

This should be asked during your first visit to the location. Ask if they have any renovation work scheduled during the next few months or during the time you want to have the wedding. This is an important question because you wouldn’t want to have a wedding ruined by workers and debris lying around the venue. Similarly, if renovation work does take place, ask whether the facilities will be fully available for your guests. For instance, ask if the pool or sauna will be available during the same period. Try to get firm, reliable answers to your questions.

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