Tips To Choose The Best Workout Shorts For Women

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The best workout apparel is not just a style choice anymore. It is something that decides how effective a workout session is going to be. The best workout shorts for women make a huge difference when it comes to chasing your goals and chafing your thighs. It motivates you, keeps you comfortable and lets you give your best shot. Here are a few tips that will help you choose the best.

Choose the right material

When it comes to choosing the best workout shorts, one thing that every gym freak needs to consider is the material of the shorts. You will find shorts in many different types of fabrics, from natural material to synthetics. Also cotton, bamboo and nylon, polyester all have their own pros and cons. You need to find the one that suits you. There are four things that will define what’s the right one for you.


This is the feature that defines whether the material is right for your climate. Synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon have sweat wicking capabilities. This helps in keeping lower body temperature moderate and even lowers down sweat retention after working out in heat. Cotton, on the other hand, will absorb all the sweta and stay wet longer. Generally mesh fabrics are light, breathable and comfortable.

Range of motion

Some women prefer doing yoga and intense workout on alternate days. So for yoga practice and weightlifting you need a kind of gym shorts and legging that move with you. Whereas for the other days four way stretch shorts that are made for compression are good to go.

Antimicrobial properties

Many man made fabrics are made to resist accumulation of bacteria and mould while cotton, bamboo and merino wool do this naturally. Go for natural ones as they retain less odour too.


Now this is a major factor for choosing workout shorts. Currently there is no such industry that solely produces sustainable apparel. But this doesn’t mean there is no way to lessen the environmental impact caused by these apparel. You can still choose products that reduce waste and have a small carbon footprint.

Find the right fit

No matter if you buy workout leggins or shorts, it has to be a kind of apparel that fits you and makes you feel most comfortable. Depending on your activities, here are few considerations you can make.


For cardio and activities with lots of motion, go for shorter shorts. They help you feel unencumbered and are best fit for all such activities.


For intense training sessions, you squat proof shorts. This will provide flexibility, support, comfort and a lot more. Such shorts are thin and have a lightweight waistband.


When performing yoga, keeping cool on the mat is essential. The shorts that have soft, stretchy material with moisture wicking quality are perfect for this.

Embrace your style

These days gym shorts are not just about performance but have become a style statement too. When you are choosing one for you, you need to make sure that the shorts are functional as well have all the trendy and aesthetic elements. You can also go for women’s gym leggins or shorts that come with pockets. You can carry your keys, mobile phones, earphones etc in the pockets and zip them up for safety. 

Never let a gym apparel keep you away from your style. Make sure what you choose represents your style in the best possible way.

Relaxed fit shorts with liners are one of the most popular shorts that women go for. They provide the best of both worlds and even help in preventing chafing. Whichever shorts you go for make sure they are the best workout shorts for women.

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