Tips to get rid of Insomnia

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Your body may be tired, but you cannot fall asleep because your mind is still working. Insomnia occurs because our brain is not relaxed, and we are on a constant train of thought. Tossing and turning or watching the clock does not help, but further increases anxiety levels. Sleep remedy in American health programs strictly prohibit the use of sleep inducing drugs. Sometimes managing your routine and changing certain habits is all you need to beat insomnia:

1.Stop juggling your Nap time

It is time to organize your life a bit, and set a fixed time for going to bed. Have a long and nice night’s sleep rather than squeezing short naps into daylight hours. Get up early and do not think about your bed until the end of the day. Retire to your bedroom at the same time every night, and you won’t even recall having problems falling asleep.

2.Establish the Perfect Setting

There is a possibility that you are sleep deprived because the atmosphere of your bedroom is uncomfortable. A messy room can clog relaxing thoughts and resonate negative vibes. Therefore, clean up before getting into bed and eliminate any repulsive odor or source of noise around you. Lighting scented candles can create a soothing aura as well.

If complete darkness seems unsettling then get a night light. In case you cannot stand utter silence, then you must try playing white noise audio tracks. If your mattress or pillow is bothering you, get it replaced. Do everything you can to achieve the best sleeping environment.

3.Start Working Out

If you don’t exercise on a regular basis, it is probably the root cause of all your problems. Workouts are great for releasing stress, which is the major cause of insomnia today. However, make sure to hit the gym during daytime and avoid vigorous physical activity near bed time. Working out clears the mind and body, so we can sleep better.

4.Control your Stimulants

Your caffeine addiction might be getting in the way of your sleep. Cut down on the cups of tea or coffee you consume in a day. Caffeine doses during day time are helpful as they keep us alert and invigorated at work. As caffeine can keep you awake, consumption at night is unfavorable. Switch to decaf or have a cup of milk instead.

Nicotine found in cigarettes is also a powerful stimulant. People who smoke too much are also likely to suffer from disturbed sleep.

5.Keep the tummy light

Going to bed on an empty stomach is sad, but going to bed with an overflowing belly is worse. Luxurious dinners, too many alcoholic drinks, and midnight snacking is often responsible for disruption of sleeping patterns.

6.Indulge in a Relaxing activity

If sleep isn’t coming to you, it’s no use lying awake in bed. Indulge in an activity that may sidetrack your uneasy state of mind. Play a mobile game, listen to soft music, meditate, or do anything that makes you feel better. Once your nerves are calmed down, you will automatically drift to slumber.

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