Top 3 Benefits of Using an Open Source VoIP Solution

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VoIP based telephony and communication solutions are dominating the world. From an end user to an MNC, all use the VoIP based solutions, directly or indirectly. There are many VoIP software solutions in the market which are often categorized into two categories as listed below:

  1. Open source and
  2. Proprietary aka the third party

Generally, service providers and businesses tend to use proprietary VoIP software. However, the open source VoIP solution can also be a great choice. Wondering how? Let me prove this with the top 3 benefits of using an open source VoIP software solution.

  1. Wide range of options

There are many VoIP solutions available in the market, including, proprietary and open source. When you consider the open source solutions in your purchase list the available options increases for you. There are many advanced VoIP software available in the market. From a simple VoIP billing software to a smart VoIP solution and a smart telephony software are available in the market. You will get an opportunity to choose a solution from the available options.

  1. Complete ownership

The open source VoIP software not only provides a solution, but also code of it. Users of this type of system can make it a 100% white label solution. Furthermore, the company can make any changes in the code of the solution as per the need. The open source VoIP solution comes with a lifetime free license. It means once you download the open source version, you will own the same for a lifetime. This is unlike a proprietary solution in which you will not get a 100% white label solution and you will never see the code. This will result in vendor dependency. In the case of open source VoIP software solution, you are not dependent on any one, not even on the community that develops, manages, and maintains this open source VoIP solution.

  1. Financial benefits

As everyone knows, open source VoIP solutions are completely free. If you know the technicalities of VoIP development and customization, then without investing a penny on the software, you can own a complete VoIP solution which can be a smart telephony solution. On the other hand, if you do not know the nitty gritty of VoIP development and customization, then you can take the help of the community that developed the solution or hire an experienced VoIP engineer or company that has worked on that open source solution. It may cost some money, but it will be way cheaper than buying a third party VoIP software. Furthermore, the open source VoIP solution gets updated with new development and you will not need to invest in this development. The future versions of the updated VoIP system will be made available to you for free. As you can see, the ownership and maintenance cost of this type of solution is way cheaper than its alternative. This results in financial gains.

These are the top reasons to use an open source VoIP solution. Some open source communities also offer enterprise solutions with value added features. This type of enterprise VoIP solution will be cheaper than proprietary VoIP solutions.

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