Trendy And Comfortable Winter Jackets

Trendy And Comfortable Winter Jackets

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There are two types of people, one who embraces winter and another one who shivers with the thought of winter. But if you live in a region where winters fall for almost 4-5 months then there is no choice but to love or getting accustomed to it. Though India is a hot place, the exceptions are north and north-eastern states where winters fall for most of the time. The most common wear for women during winters is jackets. A good jacket is the one which lasts longer and obviously protects the one from cold. Here are some the best winter jackets for women in India:

  • Sportswear Long Down Winter jacket: When winter gets harsh, pullovers, hoodies no longer works. You start looking for jackets which can protect you from cold. Sportswear Long down Winter Jacket is a light weight jacket which is soft, handy and water resistant.
  • Thickened down Jacket: Winter Jackets are always heavy and it becomes very uncomfortable when you have to walk down few miles. You will feel as if you carrying all the weight on your shoulders. Thickened down jackets just doesn’t do that. It is fluffy, light weight and thoroughly covers your body.
  • Women’s Arctic Parka: This is one of the warmest winter jackets for women in India. When winter tends to get harsher and stormy, this jacket is the one to look forward to. It is waterproof and snow proof too. Highly advisable if you loves to look chic.
  • Patera Parka: It is made up of light weight material which makes it breathable. It is one of the most stylish winter jackets which cover up from head to ankles.
  • Ooh la la down vest: It is one of the most light weight jacket and still provides good warmth. Its oversized collar is the most attractive part of this jacket.
  • Thickened Jacket with hood: This long style jacket is used in ruthless winters. It looks very stylish and doesn’t look puffed up unlike others. It covers up till knees which makes it artistic.
  • Tabby water resistant hooded maxi: If you are looking forward for a jacket which requires low maintenance and protects your entire body, this is the jacket designed for your specifications. It is made up of 100% polyester and 20% feathers which makes it very light. It can be washed at home.
  • Phoenix Jacket: If you are environment conscious (as its yarns can be recycled) and at the same time protect yourself from the cold this is the perfect option for you. It is water-resistant and windproof. It is designed in such a way that it will give you full insulation.

Outdoor novice: This is a multi-purpose jacket which can be worn both on trek as well in the city. This is a light weight jacket which is water proof. The most interesting thing about this jacket is that its insulation feathers are taken from birds that are not forced plucked.

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