The Best Types of Hardwood Flooring for Families with Kids

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Kids. We love them more than ourselves, protect them and will do anything for them. But one thing you may not love is their ability to leave your hardwood floors in awful shape.  Leaky diapers, muddy boots, Hot Wheels races, sippy cup spills, toys dropped and dragged, are all part and parcel of having a toddler. So, what should you do? Should you purchase wall-to-wall carpeting to prevent scratches, stains and dents? Should you bid adieu to your dream of having beautiful hardwood floors? Fear not! Luckily, you can have wooden flooring that withstands the aftermath of your kid’s creativity and adds visual interest to your home as well. Here is a list of the best types of hardwood flooring for families with active kids.

Best Hardwood Flooring Options for Kids

1) Hickory

Hickory is one of the hardest and most durable wooden flooring options, making it ideal for homes with high foot traffic. With a Janka rating of 1820, it is denser and stiffer than red oak or hard maple. That is why it is used in areas where strength or shock resistance is important. As a result, kids jumping and running all around the house won’t be an issue. Hickory hardwood flooring has a more rustic look in lighter variants that hides dust. It also features straight and wavy grains which conceal scratches to some extent.

2) Brazilian Cherry

This Brazilian hardwood has one of the deepest reds you will see in today’s exotic hardwood species. The reddish hue darkens and gets richer over time, thus camouflaging tough stains. It is among the preferred choices for anyone who desires both resilience and the sophistication of a darker colour.

3) Maple

Maple is a good pick when it comes to selecting hardwood flooring that is strong and resistant to wear and abrasion, which is normal in a home with kids. No wonder it is one of the most popular types of wood in Canada. Available in a wide range of colours from pale white to light reddish brown, you won’t have to worry about finding the one that matches your existing colour scheme.

4) Brazilian Walnut

Unlike America walnut, which can be easily damaged, Brazilian walnut is an excellent hardwood flooring option in homes with children and pets. This exotic wood does not need to be treated and is difficult to damage, thus making it a perfect choice for families with little time to clean or upkeep their flooring. It is resistant to pests and moisture, so you don’t need to worry about those leaky diapers seeping through the planks and warping hardwood.

5) Red and White Oak

We mention both varieties because both are quite hard and wear well, which makes them one of the most ideal flooring choices in homes with active children. White oak is a bit harder than red oak. As a result, you can trust this hardwood flooring to withstand toys being dropped and dragged. On the other hand, red oak has a stronger grain which makes it easier to hide scratches and dents.

6) Teak

Teak is another suitable hardwood flooring that can withstand your kid’s many adventures and grow with them. It is strong and durable, with natural resistance to termites, insects and temperature fluctuations. Also, it is very dense, does not rot, warp, shrink or decay easily. It is also a stable material, making it a good pick to live up to the challenges your children will throw at (and drop on) it.

Choosing between your little one’s childhood and the beauty of wooden floors is difficult. Thankfully, the above-mentioned hardwood flooring options can save the day by withstanding your kid’s rough and tumble games while maintaining a gorgeous look. So, if you are planning to buy new hardwood flooring for your home, these choices are family-friendly and hold up the best, especially if you have children and pets.

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