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Get ready for the road of miss to Mrs. with these wedding dresses

When you’ll go to your wedding dress appointment, the first thing you’ll be asked about will be what type of dress you would like to wear? While most women prefer white wedding dresses, when it comes to design, the choice ain’t easy. You may have an idea about what type of dress you’re looking for, however, to be more confident about your choice we have a list of the best types of wedding dresses, rest you can design them in the way you like! 

1. Mermaid dress:

The design of the mermaid wedding dress is recognized as one of the most attractive silhouettes, as it is highly tailored, almost like shapewear, around the bust, waist, and hips. Stop your search if you want those Beyoncé-worthy curves for your wedding day! At the knees, this attention-grabbing silhouette spreads out and is frequently matched for the extra wow factor with tulle or even ruffled skirts. 

Mermaid dress

2. Trumpet dress:

The shape of the trumpet wedding dress looks very similar to the silhouette of a mermaid, although there are a few slight variations. Pay careful attention to where the skirt starts to flame out, for starters. The silhouette of the trumpet fits less through the hips and gradually becomes broader at the lower thigh, while the silhouette of the mermaid does not flare out until above the knees. If you’re looking to create that dramatic look, a trumpet wedding dress gives you a little more space to move about. This silhouette, no matter your body type, that is perfect for creating or enhancing curves.

Trumpet dress

3. Ballgown dress:

Almost every girl has imagined that fairytale moment of walking down the aisle, why not make it more special in that ballgown dress! It is considered one of the most classic styles of wedding dress. This silhouette is perfect for brides who want to cinch their waist, prioritize supporting the bust, or even create that illusion of wider hips because the full skirt slides all over your lower torso.

Ballgown dress

4. A-line dress:

This dress should be declared as a universal fit for each and every woman out there! An A-line skirt, named for the way it forms an “A” shape on the body, spreads out more than you’d see on a sheath gown from the waist, but not as dramatically as the ball gown. Meant for all body shapes and wedding theme, whether yours is modern, beachy, or anything in between, this universally flattering silhouette is perfect.

A-line dress

5. Tea-length dress:

Tea-length dresses are common pre-wedding event choices, such as engagement parties and family weddings, but when worn for your real wedding, they look just as chic. The skirt ends in the center of the thigh, about six inches above the knees, the dress shape is longer than cocktail dresses

Tea-length dress


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