What is Search relevance and How to Improve the Search Relevance?

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Search relevance is process of optimizing the results close to the search document with the best level of relevancy to your query. Certain search relevance algorithms and metrics are used to improve the relevancy of results to the query on web or search engines.

And the relevancy of search relevance is improved with large volume of training data sets to train the algorithm and show the best relevant result in the search box. The search relevance is mainly implemented on ecommerce sites, to shows the results when a customer type and search a particular product using a keyword.

The most suitable results matching the attributes like size, color, brand and price range are considered while showing the results. It helps customers to find the best product or services as per his preference and budget etc.

How to Measure or Test the Search Relevance?

To measure or test the search the relevance there are various methods you can use the various online platforms to measure the search relevance for a query. However, its not sure you will get the results with the same level of relevancy, as the different search engine have different algorithms to show the results s per the database and training methods.

search relevance

The testing or measuring the search relevance helps you to get an idea how relevant results users are getting while typing with their queries. If the relevancy is not at that much level, you need to improve the relevance to give the more accurate results and satisfy the users with more relevance results without too much efforts.

How To Improve Search Relevance?

To improve the search relevance you need to train your search algorithms with huge amount of datasets with labeled datasets, so that users can get the best results. You need to evaluate the query results while understanding the user’s behaviors and their cultural understandings. And with the right optimization and tune-up for highest relevancy is possible only if you implement the relevant algorithms for improvements at root levels.

Cogito is the right company that will help you to improve the search relevance machine learning. It is armed with advance search algorithm to determine which document is highly relevant to a particular query with the better search relevance results for maximum. Actually, Cogito is providing the training data sets for search relevance and give the best results to end-users. Its is working with proficients to train the algorithms and optimize the search engine and improve the results while ensuring the user-experience and comfort levels.

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