3 Different Types Of Intranets For Your Business

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The intranet is still alive. After 2015, people realised how fruitful an intranet solution can be for their businesses. And that was when intranet, with its different shapes and sizes, dived back to the organisations like never before.

Many consider intranet as an internal wikipedia. For others it’s an Enterprise Social Network. Whatever you consider, it is still an employee portal that keeps the entire organisation up to date. So before you choose an intranet system for your organization, here is what you need to know.

Types of Intranet

There are three types of intranet. They are different from one another. The moment you plan on getting an intranet portal, you anyway have to have all these three types. Intranets can overlap from one type to another but they still fall along these lines.

The collaboration platform

Intranet platforms are one of the best collaboration hubs for employees of an organization. As you know the employees publish a lot of information on the intranet. Therefore this is the same category where formal as well as conversational information is published within the organisation. Collaboration intranet helps users to publish as much information as they want to consume. This is one of the popular forms of intranet amongst discussion forums. It allows people to connect with one another, make information less formal and more conversational.

The internal website

The second type of intranet is based on one way publishing. Every organisation has two groups of people, consumers and publishers. This particular type of intranet is based on one way publishing. It has a predefined admin side in it which allows access to only selected people. Whatever information is put in here, it gets reviewed before publishing, it is subject to workflow and approvals. Therefore the second type of intranet solution is structured just like a website. The only difference is intranet is a kind of website that falls behind the firewall.

The distributed intranet

Last and the third type of intranet, the distributed intranet is generally preferred in large organisations. As you know in organisations with more than 50 employees, business intranet becomes decentralised in no time. There is no such one single intranet but hundreds of small applications for making announcements, storing information etc. All these applications work well until the employees of the organization ground around a common infrastructure just like a centralised user database. The intranet over here acts as a centralised store with attractive design elements that includes all the mini applications to make it all look structured.

Final Words

Before you plan to bring in an intranet solution within your organization, you need to figure out the opinion of your employees as they hear the word intranet. It is essential to have a common point of intersection before introducing the organisation with such software. For many, the intranet is another communication software whereas there are others who consider it a Microsoft Sharepoint platform. So once you share the same opinion with your employees, get an intranet that includes all three types.

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