5 Must-have Features in an Employee Intranet

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Today, almost every company has an intranet. It may not be a unified system, but an internal private network certainly exists in the form of Gmail, google drive, slack and HubSpot. However, an employee intranet is a better option for companies looking to streamline their business tasks and improve employee collaboration. And today, many companies have recognized the value of internal communication and have leveraged the benefits of intranet services.

An intranet is an investment for any organization that works digitally in terms of cost, time and resources. While the intranet has seen continuous innovations and developments over the past few decades, its primary role is to share knowledge and information and enhance employee collaboration within the organizations. 

Over the years, several employee intranet portals have popped up intending to reduce the employee burden and make the tasks easier; not all intranet solutions are created equally. So, you need to be careful while choosing an intranet portal to ensure employees get its benefits. In this guide, we will discuss the features you should check when choosing an intranet portal.

What features should you check when choosing an employee intranet?

Content creation: An employee intranet is an internal network that is used for communication, collaboration and information management within an organization. However, the amount of content required to create the right information, manage and publish it, you need a content management system. So, when you choose your intranet, make sure it can be integrated with CMS. A CMS employee intranet will do everything for you, from creating, publishing, updating and archiving the content.

Internal communication: Internal communication is the backbone of the company. Disconnected teams, a disengaged workforce and a lack of collaboration can cause a huge loss to a company. So, in order to keep all your team members informed and connected, you must provide them with an open channel of communication. As a centralized, go-to-hub, intranet software makes it easier for the employees to communicate with each other. You employees working on a project remotely can share their ideas and feedback with ease, which will help them generate better output and finish their tasks faster.

Employee onboarding: When it comes to hiring new employees, you can’t afford just to complete the paperwork and introduce them to their team members. It has been found that employees waste their time looking for information to do their jobs efficiently. An intranet provides a common platform for the employees where they can find all the crucial details of the company processes. Managers need not panic to share information with the new employees to become productive. It significantly eases your burden during the employee onboarding process.

Social engagement: Working with team members within an organization who are from different locations, time zones and speak different languages can be challenging. Having a tool that enables employees to like, share, comment, and tag effectively cuts through the noise and drives employee engagement. Social intranet software that includes social engagement features allows your employees to share their ideas with their team and ensure better collaboration.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know what features your employee intranet have, what are you waiting for? Explore the internet and find a reliable vendor to provide you with the best intranet software.

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