4 New Trends to Follow to Ensure the Success of Social Media Marketing

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The increasing popularity of social media in today’s world has made business organizations take notice of this promising medium for advertising their products and services. Social media marketing has become a critical component of the digital marketing strategy of a business. 

Gone are the days when social media marketing just meant having a profile on Facebook, Instagram or other social media channels used by your target audience. Reports state that over 3 billion people around the world use social media every single day. Social media is a very dynamic platform where the trends keep changing frequently. It is essential to have a finger on the pulse of your target audience to know how they engage on social media and devise suitable strategies to connect with them. 

It is essential to develop a specific social media strategy to ensure that your brand performs well in engaging the target audience. Every “post”, “like”, “click” and “follow” on your social media pages contribute to the overall marketing strategy of your business. Hence, it is essential to work with a professional team to create and manage your social media pages. It is difficult for small businesses to hire dedicated teams to manage digital and social media marketing. You can outsource your digital marketing strategy to professional firms. For example, you can opt for nj social media marketing services to ensure the success of your social media strategy. 

Here are some new trends to up your social media game in the coming year and be relevant to your audience. 


Work for True Engagement 


With the systems of different social media platforms getting smarter, you can no longer depend on spammy tactics to garner fake engagement. You have to look for ways and means to improve true engagement. Create unique and interesting content that engages the followers and forces your target audience into meaningful conversation. Instead of relying on social CTAs, use your brand voice to engage with your followers on social media. Do not buy followers for the sake of increasing your follower count instead work to increase your genuine followers.


Utilize the Power of Micro-Influencers


Micro-influencers are more successful in winning followers for your social media pages when compared to their celebrity- counterparts. One more advantage of working with micro-influencers is that they charge very low and some of them work on gifting basis. Moreover, their audience are genuine, highly engaged and niche-specific than celebrities, who harge high fees. Do a bit of research to identify new-comers with a decent number of followers and high engagement rates. Collaborate with these influencers to increase true engagement. If you are a novice at digital marketing, outsource your social media marketing campaign to the professional internet marketing nj team, who will do all the work from developing your social media strategy to ensure it is active and relevant.  


Introduce Shoppable Links On your Social Profiles


This has been a surprising trend towards increasing engagement on your social media profiles. Most of the social media apps have introduced shoppable links that lead the customers directly to the retail page, where buyers can shop for the products and services. For example, Pinterest and Instagram have already introduced product pins and shopping tabs to make it easy for their audience to check out and buy the products and services without leaving the app. Make the most of this trend by working on shoppable social media advertisements that connect with the audience. You can test different platforms and choose the one that works best for you. If nothing makes sense to you, connect with professional social media marketing agencies like nj social media marketing that develop your digital marketing strategy and also manage it. 


Use Augmented Reality Ads 


Augmented reality is changing the way products are advertised. It helps the audience to experience something without leaving the app. For example, Snapchat provides different filters and stickers to help brands promote their products. Make the most of this trend by designing engaging AR ads that appeal to your target audience and convince them to try your products. 

Social media marketing has great potential to promote your brand by engaging with the target audience. It also helps to stay connected with your audience and build brand loyalty. It is essential to design an appealing social media strategy to ensure it works towards the success of your overall digital marketing strategy. It is advisable to hire the services of professional teams such as internet marketing nj to ensure the success of your digital marketing strategy. 

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