4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs the Best Intranet Platform

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Are you considering a new intranet for your business? If your answer is yes, here is why you need an upgrade.

Strategic Alignment

The very first reason why your organisation needs a new age business intranet is for strategic alignment. As per a study conducted by Microsoft, the average attention time span of a human is eight seconds. This means you have only eight seconds to build a connection with your employees and make them align with your strategies. Honestly speaking, this is next to impossible in the cases where employees are already overwhelmed with the emails, messages and notifications sent by the other professionals. It is the best intranet platform that can keep all the employees together by grabbing their attention with catchy company news, announcements etc at the home page. Each user has their personalised page for news in order to ensure that they read relevant content. Hence this way the employees do not just passively consume the information, they can ask questions, have discussions and give feedback. Such kind of active participation helps in building a sense of ownership and understanding among employees.

Employee Engagement

Employee disengagement is one of the biggest challenges that most of the companies face. This generally happens when the employees are last involved in the company, they feel disconnected and even try to cut off. Most of the time, employees become working bots that are only concerned about the tasks assigned to them and their salary. Business intranet comes up as a place in the company that eases the process of forming relationships, getting feedback, developing new skills etc. The best intranet is just like a one stop solution to all these problems. It keeps up the company culture really well.

Better Collaboration

The best corporate intranet functions like a true digital workplace that accelerates work, makes collaboration frictionless and helps in fast as well as effective powering. Intranet allows employees to collaborate by creating spaces and capabilities for the departments, teams and other groups. Each space created by the intranet brings together all the people, content, information and other resources that are needed to get the work done on time.

Employee Support for HR and IT

Another most important reason to have the best intranet platform for your organization is the support that the HR and IT departments get. HR departments and IT departments spend most of their time answering questions, resolving queries and helping team members find content. This not only becomes frustrating but also time consuming. This way both of these departments fail to perform their tasks on time. In order to avoid such headaches, an intranet can be a real saviour. It helps employees get all the answers, resolve their queries quickly without even having them pick up the phone or check old emails. This helps in saving a lot of time and doesn’t even hamer the productivity of IT and HR departments.

Now that you know why your organisation needs the best intranet platforms, what are you waiting for? Go and get an intranet solution for your company and keep your employees happy and satisfied.

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