4 Tips to Buy Opal Stones from Ornament Sellers

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While talking about the most distinctive gemstones available for jewellery, you should always consider opal stone in the list. This semi precious stone is affordable for everyone. Therefore, considering it in your everyday fashion jewellery is not a big deal. Unlike other gemstones, it is available in various colours including yellow, white, red, green, brown, black, blue, pink, orange and even in colourless form. These stones are available in both opaque and translucent textures. 

Talking about the energy healing capability of opal stone, it stimulates creativity and originality in a person. Some people believe that it also stimulates our cosmic consciousness. No matter whether you believe in the energy healing capabilities of this stone or not, open still has a distinctive grace to draw your attention. If it is the first time, please consider some important tips to figure out the best quality opal stone for your ornaments. 

Important considerable features

  • Colour changing feature

When you buy opal in Australia, play with colors to see the color changing feature. When you move around and look at the stone from different angles, it should reflect more and more colours. High color changing capability increases the value of stone. Ask the jewelers to show both superior and inferior quality opals. The difference in showing colors will easily clarify our doubts.

  • Transparency

While searching for a shop where Australian opals for sale are available, it is advisable to focus on the transparency. As we mentioned above, these stones are available in both opaque and translucent form. More translucent stone will have more value. 

  • Base colour

Base color is also considered as the body color of an opal stone. In order to see the actual base color, put it on the flat surface and see from above. More darkness means more valuable stone. The dark body is capable of reflecting colors in the best possible way. 

  • Inclusions

Opal stones are obtained from mines and then carved by professionals to give them a shining and beautiful look. These stones have some natural faults that are considered as inclusions. With a microscope, you can see lines inside the rock that reduce the value. A stone with least or no faults will have the highest value. However, you also have to be aware of synthetic opal stones. They look exactly the same as the original but created gemstone laboratories with the chemical formula of natural opal. 

These are the four easy tips to figure out a genuine Australian opal in the market. While shopping online, make sure that the option of return and replacement is also available.

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