5 Reasons to Invest on Energy Efficient Appliances

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Energy efficiency is now one of the top concerns for governments, companies, and even individuals as excessive energy consumption is affecting us globally in our day to day lives. It is causing global warming that results in natural calamities we are all experiencing such as bush fires, floods, drought, and many others. It is also causing increase of utility costs with the depletion of our finite natural resources.

Using energy in a smart way can bring a significant positive impact to our environment and our lives. From big industries to small apartments, there are plenty of opportunities to save energy. An easy and practical approach you can apply in your household is to invest in energy efficient appliances.

Here are 5 top reasons to use energy efficient appliances.

  1. Good for the Environment. Most of the electricity that we use in industries and households is from power plants that burns fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal, oil, and water to produce electricity. These fossil fuels are nonrenewable and may lead to global crisis if we continue to produce this much electricity. This is why governments are promoting alternatives such as solar panels and wind mills to reduce the consumptions of these finite natural resources. Another side effect of burning fossil fuels is pollution. The process releases pollutants in the air, soil, and water.
  2. Promotes Good Health. Having a clean and green environment is sometimes all we need to be healthy. As mentioned above, the process of producing electricity releases air pollutants which we can inhale causing different diseases such as tuberculosis, lung cancer, asthma, heart failure, pulmonary disease, and many others. Using energy efficient appliances also makes your house comfortable as it improves air flow and reduce air pollutants.
  3. Saves Money. You may notice the difference in your bills just by installing LED lights which are energy saver bulbs, how much more if you expand energy efficiency to all of your appliances. An energy efficient house can reduce its electricity usage to 30%; which is a great value as electricity bills is a big part of your monthly recurring expenses. You can then use the money you saved from utility bills to buy groceries or to invest another energy efficient appliance.
  4. Great Investments. Energy efficient appliances are usually more expensive to buy than conventional appliances but will save you money in the long run allowing you to get back the money you spent in buying the appliance. Investing in these appliances is a win-win situation as it allows you to replace your old appliances, lets you save more money as electricity rates continues to arise, and increase your property value as houses with energy efficiency measures have higher appraisal than houses that don’t.
  5. Lower Energy Consumption. Energy efficient appliances work faster than conventional appliances which lead to lower energy usage. As discussed above, this is important to protect the environment, have better health, prevent diseases, and save money from utility bills.

Reducing energy consumption is a social responsibility we should all be committed to as the world struggles to fight against its harmful effects such as global warming, climate change, and diseases. Using energy efficient appliances is not just about saving money or living comfortably in a cleaner world. It is also caring for others and our future generation.

Isabella Whitmore is environmentally conscious and likes to share information on how to reduce energy consumption to help protect the environment. She writes for https://electrickettlesplus.com/ an appliance website that offers energy efficient electric kettles.

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