5 Smart Home Gadgets That Make Great Gifts

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Google Nest Doorbell Battery

Keeping your home clean, secure, and organized can be a lot of work, and we are certain your family probably feels the same way. There are one too many chores to be done each day in a household, and it can get exhausting.

Lucky for you, there are smart home gadgets that can help make your daily tasks a little easier. Smart home technology is here to make your life easier and more convenient. Once you start using this technology, you’ll wonder what was stopping you in the first place.

From smart speakers to robot vacuums, there are many smart home gadgets that you can invest in. Moreover, you can also consider buying them as new home gifts for housewarming parties.

Today, smart home devices are more accessible and are easily available at reasonable rates, unlike in the past when this technology was still being experimented with. It’s always fun to give something different rather than the usual gifts on special occasions.

That is why we have decided to share 6 smart home gadgets that make great gifts.

Instant Pot Pro

Ever heard of the multi-purpose Instant Pot? It’s the perfect smart home gadget to gift, especially if the person you’re gifting it to loves experimenting with their cooking. That said, why not level up to the Instant Pot Pro this time around?

The Instant Pot Pro is specifically designed for an avid cook. This advanced version of the Instant Pot Pro introduces some new and amazing upgrades. It has a thicker bottom that allows you to heat it on your stove.

Moreover, it has handles that make it so much easier to lift. This Pot Pro has 28 customizable programs for all kinds of food, and five buttons can be assigned to cook your usual meals. Lastly, it alerts you once it starts releasing steam.

Google Nest Doorbell Battery

Smart video doorbells are very handy when it comes to seeing who’s ringing your doorbell. This can be done from anywhere because this smart device gives you remote access through its app on your smartphone or tablet.’

The Nest Hello came out with its battery-operated version, called the Nest Doorbell Battery. It’s the perfect gift for new homeowners and renters, as you no longer need to hardwire it. Its battery life lasts for up to six months, all depending on how much it’s used.

The Nest Doorbell sends you notifications when it’s rung, or even when there’s a vehicle or animal near your front door. You will also be notified if a package is left at your doorstep, which is great in preventing theft.

Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

If you do plan on gifting someone the Nest Doorbell, you can also consider gifting a Nest Hub alongside the doorbell. These two smart gadgets are designed to work with one another. Anytime the doorbell is rung, the Nest Hub’s screen will show you who’s at the front door.

In fact, even if there’s no doorbell, the Nest Hub itself is a great smart device to use, especially if your household uses the Google Assistant. It can also work as a digital photo frame and you can also watch Netflix and YouTube videos on it.

The Nest Hub can also be used as a recipe book in the kitchen. This makes it easy when wondering what the next ingredient to add is.

iRobot Roomba 694

Robot vacuums, and especially the iRobot Roomba 694 is a great smart home gadget to gift. It makes your day-to-day cleaning less hectic and much easier. It has the ability to suck up debris and dirt from both carpet and hardwood floors, with its edge-sweeping brush that takes care of dusty corners.

Moreover, it has a companion that allows the user to control it remotely. You can also set a cleaning schedule so that this vacuum does its own thing at a set time. The best part of the iRobot Roomba 694 is the fact that it automatically docs and recharges by itself when the battery is low.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Smart locks add an extra layer of security to any home. It also makes your life more convenient. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is one of the more user-friendly smart devices, and fits perfectly over an existing deadbolt,

This is a great gift for both homeowners and renters. It give your loved ones the ability to lock and unlock the door hands-free, which is great if their arms are filled with shopping bags. Moreover, they can’t set a timer for it to be locked automatically if left unlocked accidentally.

It also allows the user to grant access to friends and family members.


Well, there you go! Smart home technology is on the rise, and what’s a better gift than a smart home device that makes your life more convenient, easier, and safer!

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