5 Stages Every Digital Employee Experiences

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The Digital Employee Experience demonstrates how successfully your company’s workplace technology helps its employees. It is the basis for choosing the right digital platforms in the company. It takes into account even the employee portal on the Intranet system in place within the company. 

More Doesn’t Mean Better.

It doesn’t necessarily follow that the more technology you have, the better your people will be supported.

Consider the onboarding of a new employee. If your new employee is required to master too many tools (some of which they may only encounter once during their employment), they may perceive this as inefficient and disorganized.

Factors Affecting Employee Digital Experience

The following are five aspects that influence your Digital Employee Experience while using the employee intranet portal:

  • Business requirements: what is required for a company to stay in business and be productive.
  • People and Culture: How do you find, train, and retain talent?
  • Internal Communications: How does an organization permit communication to flow freely?
  • How effective is technology in assisting everyone in the organization?
  • How are decisions made within the company?

Each of these components is in a different stage.

Each of these elements can be in one of the following stages:

  • Ad hoc: things are done on the spur of the moment.
  • Initial processes arise, but much of the labor is still done by hand.
  • Structured: important components of the business have processes in place.
  • Processes are being measured and maintained to ensure consistency and efficiency.

The requirements for phases for other aspects will be determined by the stage at which your business demands are. When an organization’s business demands are at the Ad-hoc stage, for example, it will most likely assess and function in a reactive manner. If that is the case for commercial reasons, upgrading to stage 2 technology is pointless. It may face opposition or go unnoticed.

Scale Technology to Align with the Needs of Your Business

If, on the other hand, the organization tries to supply technology for stage 4 (Evolving Stage), when the business needs aren’t yet mature enough for this stage, the result will be a costly, grandiose vision with no one to use it.

For instance, an ad-hoc stage start-up may not require the best intranet platforms, a chatbot, or any other modern technology to remain productive. This company might only require file sharing and an email system in place. In this instance, the company must reduce its technology to meet the demands of the business.

However, a company at stage 3 – the structured stage will require the best corporate intranet available for its smooth functioning. 

Your next best bet is to find the exact employee intranet portal required by the company for the particular stage the company is in. Change with the stage your company will develop later. 

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