5 Steps To Get A Complete Body Wax For Men

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Today waxing is not only for women. Men who get tired of grooming their body hair also tend to agree to the application of the strong hold hair wax to get rid of the same. But there is a procedure involved in getting a full body wax which is enumerated below.

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Today, more and more men are looking to get a full-body wax done so that they are able to get smoother skin which lasts for long.

However, it can be quite a painful process if a person does not take the proper precautions and prep up mentally to face the ordeal.

Waxing is, however, a better process than using the razor and shaving off body hair. It is safer and much more hygienic with lesser chances of infections provided it is done by professionals using the best hair wax for men.

Drawbacks of shaving include faster re-growth of body hair, a prickling sensation over the skin and a constant feeling of shabbiness. All three can be completely obliterated by waxing away the body hair.

In fact, waxing is also quite affordable. But in order to opt for a full-body wax, one needs to go through the following 5 steps:

  • Making up the mind: This is the hardest and most difficult part of the whole process especially for people who have not experienced the process of waxing even once. There are two important factors to consider here. They are:
    • Fortifying the mind against the discomfort that one will have to face and
    • Coming to terms with feeling exposed and embarrassed while the esthetician performs the task.

There is also the additional responsibility of taking care of the skin after the waxing has been done. Obtaining recommendations for good estheticians who have worked on friends or relatives before and the best hair wax brand that should be used, is a good way of bringing positivity to the whole experience.

  • Preparations required: The prepping that is required before actually getting a full body wax is the responsibility of both the esthetician and the person getting it done. Some things which the person needs to do before actually going for a body wax are:
    • Showering properly before the appointment,
    • Exfoliating the skin of the body at least a day before the appointment,
    • Ensuring that there are no cuts, sores, and allergies on the skin,
    • Growing body hair to a desired length and
    • Trimming extra long body hair.
  • Undergoing the actual procedure: This involves the application of strong hold hair wax or soft wax in the direction in which the hair growth occurs and then ripping it off while holding the skin tight. The esthetician uses a light massage to soothe the frayed nerve endings and also to provide some relief from the pain experienced. The waxing procedure for some parts of the body needs a certain amount of expertise and hence full body waxing should always be done by professionals experienced in the same.
  • Post waxing care: After the whole procedure, the esthetician will generally soothe, cleanse and protect the body skin using a good post-depilatory product. The esthetician also uses a cool towel to rub away any remnants of the wax. However, there are certain precautions that need to be taken by the person undergoing full body wax. These include:
    • Avoiding heat and exposure to the sun,
    • Applying good and branded aftercare products,
    • Refraining from swimming, having sex, taking sunny walks, going to the beach, etc., for at least 24hours after the waxing has been done,
    • Wearing loose clothes,
    • Applying cool gels and post-depilatory lotions,
    • Taking a gentle bath,
    • Taking utmost care to avoid skin irritation and skin inflammation etc.
  • Maintenance: It has been generally seen that a person who comes for the first waxing session tends to continue with the same. In order to maintain the waxed look constantly, a person should completely ditch the razor, keep going regularly to professional estheticians and use top hair wax brands to avoid infections and allergies.

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Waxing is a painful experience but the smooth skin which one gets to enjoy after this session, is definitely worth the pain. This is also the reason why men opt for full body waxing more often now than ever before.

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