Gautam Buddha-Inspired Decors for Your Room

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Gautam Buddha is one of the most prominent historical figures who helped mankind to achieve a new way of peace. With time his teachings traveled over the world. His pieces of advice are still relevant and provide a positive feeling to every human being still now. 

Gautam Buddha sculptures and other Buddhist teachings are often preferred by interior designers and normal people as room decors. These decors are simple and provide an instant peaceful atmosphere to any room. You may or may not be his follower but you simply cannot deny the serene feeling you get from these items. Besides that, Buddhism inspired wall decors to look artistic and exotic.  That’s why any type of Gautam Buddha painting is still a popular choice.

Usually, Buddhist people place Buddha statues or idols in their prayer room. But you can place them in other places too. Buddha inspired mini waterfalls sculpture, laughing Buddha, Buddha wall art and other items are always in high demand.

Some ideas on how to use them-

  1. Paintings of Lord Buddha and Mandalas

As we have said before, paintings are a popular and classic choice. You can hang a Lord Buddha painting in the drawing-room or your lounge area. It always looks great. If you want to keep something related to Buddhism in your bedroom then it will be great if you choose the Buddhist Mandala paintings. The mandalas are said to have a positive effect over mind and body. The best place to hang any mandala painting is the backside of your bed. 

2. Buddhist Murals

Murals are great if you have a big wall in your living room that needs to be decorated. A large-sized mural at the rear side or left of your sofa is a great idea. You can opt for Buddha murals or murals with quotes and advises related to Buddhism can give your living room a peaceful feeling.

3. Buddha statues

Buddha statues are equally versatile. According to Vastu and Feng-Sui, statues of Lord Buddha are very much beneficial to maintain a positive and zen vibe in your room. You can place a Buddha statue in y our drawer, center table in your living room or in front of the entrance of your home. Vastu experts say that Buddha statues should be kept alongside indoor plants. You can place a small Buddha statue in a flower pot and singing bowls. This looks great and helps you to feel optimistic.

You can also place a statue of Gautam Buddha in your kitchen. Feng Sui says that northeast of any kitchen is ideal to place a statue of Lord Buddha. The north-eastern portion of your kitchen is the center of spiritual and cosmic energy. Placing a statue enhances positive energy flow. Or you can also choose a place in the kitchen where anyone can see the statue.  

If you have a study room then you can keep a Buddha statue on the table or the wall near the study table. According to Feng- Sui, this helps to keep a calm environment in your study room.

There are also other Buddhist inspired wall decors like thanka paintings, Buddhism inspired murals, etc. You can choose any of these instead of a statue. Buddhism inspired room decors are available in different budget and are often priced reasonably.

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