Drink Wine at Parties

5 Ways to Pair and Drink Wine at Parties

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With experimentation and a little creativity, you will be able to come up with the best combinations. Here are some of the tips that can help you with making the best decisions.

Creating balance:

While selecting the best wine from your stainless steel wine cooler you need to consider the weight and richness of the food and the wine. There should be a balance and they should not be overwhelming. If you choose a wine that is too strong and the food is light then the drink will overwhelm the food. If you are enjoying hearty food then you need a hearty wine to go with it. The delicate food works best with delicate wine. You can judge the heaviness of the food by looking at the fat, sauce and the cooking method while the weight of the wine can be determined by a variety of grape, alcohol level, color and the wine making technique.

Considering the prominent element of dish:

The pairing of the food with the best wine depends on the main element of the dish.  

You need to determine the dominant character of the dish and it will help in narrowing down the beverage options. The drink that you choose should be able to complement the main element of the dish. If you pay attention to the star of the dish then you will be able to select the best wine.

Paying attention to the texture and structure:

The good wine has balanced components but the balance can be disturbed by the food that you choose to pair with the wine. The elements of the dish can either enhance or disturb the texture and elements of the wine. If you are eating food with a high acidic level then they should be paired with high-acid wines as it will make it softer and easy on the palette. If the plate of food is too sweet then it will make the dry wine taste sour which means it is not a good pairing. The pairing should be done keeping in mind that the wine balances the sugar with natural acidity. The spicy, salty and fatty foods can also red wine taste harsh and heighten its heat.

Considering flavor links:

You should look for the links between the flavors and it will make the pairing process successful and a lot of fun. The aroma of the wine can remind you of various foods like spices, herbs, fruits etc. You can use the aromas to find the perfect dishes with the right ingredients.

Considering the age:

The aging of the food is also an important consideration for a perfect pairing. The aging of the wine presents different flavors and texture. The maturation of the wine causes the tannins to soften and it becomes more graceful and delicate. You should pair old wines with dishes that are less rich as it will bring out the taste of the wine in the best way.