6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Fashion-Frenzy Moms

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Is your mom the runway Queen who loves to keep up with all the latest fashion trends ruling the global markets, and is the Carrie Bradshaw of her group? Then you got to find something matching her personality this Mother’s day. Finding the right gift for your Fashion fanatic moms is a very daunting task as they are very picky with their choices and only adorn the handpicked pieces matching their class. But nothing is impossible if you have the right guidance to find the perfect gift to surprise your Mother this Mother’s Day. We are here to help you find the right gift for your beloved mothers. 


We have created a list of six items you can consider gifting to your mom. Most of these items are luxury products, and they carry a higher price tag, but we will also provide you with the list of cheaper substitutes for the same products if you are running a little tight on your budget.


  1. Perfume: If your mum is a vintage luxury fan, then the perfect gift for her would be the Chanel number five perfume that has heart notes and is specially made for the elite ladies of the world who have a very regal preference. But no wonder Chanel comes with a hefty price tag, and if you are running a little low on the budget, then you can check out the dupes for high-class perfumes. Some of the suggestions would be Marks & Spencer’s, Guess, The Victoria’s Secret, or the fine shimmer body mists range from Bath and Bodyworks.  
  2. Fancy Footwear: As they say, Cinderella never asked for a prince; all she wanted was a nice pair of heels and a day off. This Mother’s Day, gift your Mother a nice pair of stilettos for her to wear and style with her favourite outfit and that would make her feel like in her 20’s again. Not that high heels could be uncomfortable for some people, so you can look out for block or platform heels as it is more comfortable to walk in.  
  3. Royal Cake: The Queen of the house definitely deserves to slice a regal cake that is nothing close to the basic cake. To make your Mother feel special, look out for a personalised cake that is specially baked for her and that symbolises her aura. You can find a great assortment of Happy Mothers day cakes online, and you can customise and select from them online and get them delivered to your doorstep. If your Mother is a luxury brands fan, you can order a luxury brand cake for her, or you can also order a two or three-tier classic ivory cake; its charm never fails to impress anyone. 
  4. Handbag: A classy luxury and good quality bag never goes out of fashion! If you are looking to spoil your Mother with a designer handbag that she has been eyeing for months, then go ahead and make her feel special. Don’t invest in a tacky handbag just because of the big labels. Invest in a classic piece, as it is always trendy. A Louis Vuitton Tote Bag or a Dior Classic Clutch would be perfect as they are iconic pieces that every lady loves. If you are looking for something on a lower budget, you can check out Michael Kors or Zara, and they have fairly affordable bags.
  5. Clothing Subscription Box: It may be hard sometimes to pick the right outfits according to your body shape, so let your personal stylist do the wonders. The subscription box concept is the talk of the town for its fairly new and bold concept in many countries. Help your mom this Mother’s day in upgrading her wardrobe by buying a subscription box membership for her where every month, her personal stylist will choose clothes for her and send them to the address to help her keep the best ones and return the rest. We are going to thank you forever, and we can assure you this!
  6. Book a Photoshoot: Remember the teenage photographs of your mum where she looks no less than a Victoria secret model. Well, that was decades ago; it’s time to capture her timeless beauty again. Afterall, the world needs to see how your Mother is ageing like a fine wine. This Mother’s Day, utilise your connections and book that for a photographer friend of yours to do a little shoot of your Mother and create it in stunning portraits for the generations to see. If you can’t find a photographer, make use of a smartphone camera or DSLR and do a shoot of hers yourself. 


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