6 tools to help social media managers

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In the current digital world, social media are at the forefront of any company’s functioning. From ad campaigns to reach out to a wider audience, everything is done through social media accounts. Hence, managing these accounts becomes very critical for a business. Having a set of tools at your disposal that makes your task easy gives you more time to focus on the business strategy. There are multiple tools available online that make the life of a social media manager easy. Some of the tools that you might want to invest in are:

  1. Google trends: It is an online tool that helps a user in visualizing general trends in Google Search domains. All the popular topics and queries are shown over time in google trends. Analysis and comparative research can easily be done to understand market trends. With the help of this tool, companies can analyze the KPIs related to their business. Based on these trends companies can assess their SEO strategy.
  2. Canva: It is an online design tool where you can design flyers, posters, coupons, invoices, and many such things. A lot of digital content like advertisements, banners, infographics, etc. can be easily created in this tool. Some standard templates are also available that can be customized to create online content. Social media managers will benefit a lot from this tool as the quality of digital content is critical for a successful marketing strategy.
  3. Hootsuite: With this tool, you can manage all of your company’s social media accounts in a single dashboard. You can even directly respond to messages, comments, and brand mentions without logging in to the accounts separately. Analytics reports are readily available too that shows what’s working for your business. You can learn a lot about your target audience through these reports also. It is a one-stop solution for managing social media profiles.
  4. Loomly: Loomly is a social media management tool where you can create calendars, schedule posts, and assess your campaign’s success. You can be creative in making social media posts, share it with your colleagues, and then post them on the digital forum. It also shows RSS feeds and Twitter trends so that you can use these insights in creating your campaigns.
  5. Feedly: It is a great tool that shows summarized information about social media trends. With the help of this tool, you can follow social media accounts, hashtags, tags, etc. on multiple platforms. You can also see a report that contains details of multiple social media updates. These updates include the latest video posts, RSS feeds, Google alerts, publications, etc. All this information comes handy while creating social media strategies.
  6. Stillio: This tool archives all the information on your website, including social media communications. The archival is done periodically and can be customized based on your request. Stillio not only protects the data but also captures the historic trends. These trends are insightful during strategy creation discussions. You can make your business strategies more effective after learning from the historic data. 

Using the above-mentioned tools will help you in increasing your productivity and manage your social media accounts.



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