7 Things You Didn’t Know About Bulk Portfolio Purchase

As an Independent Auto Dealer or a Buy Here Pay Here Auto Dealer, offering auto loans for installment-based payments can be a fantastic way to increase sales and guarantee positive customer experience. But, when money is a tight or you find yourself faced with unexpected expenses, this method can leave you a little short on funding for your business needs. Companies that offer bulk portfolio purchase can offer you immediate cash flow when you need it most. Dealer Capital is one of the industry’s leading companies offering such services, with competitive pricing and flexible programs available. Here are just 7 things you probably didn’t know about bulk portfolio purchasing:

Dealer Capital

  • Bulk portfolio purchasing companies are often selective about which loans they will accept – Dealer Capital can purchase your entire portfolio, allowing for total liquidation on both performing and non-performing loans and will even purchase lease portfolios.
  • While many lending companies in this industry require seasoning – usually up to 90 days – Dealer Capital has programs to purchase fresh loans with no seasoning required, including extended recourse.
  • Offering top advances in the market, Dealer Capital provides highly competitive payouts for dealers looking to sell auto loans. With the ability to advance over 105% of principle balances for prime bulk portfolios and up to 90% on sub-prime portfolio purchases.
  • There are a range of dealer-friendly auto bulk purchase programs, both locally and nationally, including no recourse and no reserve programs for dealers across the Continental United States.
  • Depending on the company you choose to use, they may have various criteria for the payment frequencies of your auto loans or portfolio sizes they will accept. At Dealer Capital, every type of payment frequency, any size portfolio, and all makes, models, and mileage are welcome for purchase. What’s more, Dealer Capital will even purchase your salvaged and rebuilt titles!
  • Some services in this industry offer exclusively paid quotes and can even draw you into obligation-based quotes. But at Dealer Capital, free quotes are guaranteed. With no cost and no obligation quotes, what are you waiting for?
  • One of the best things about using a bulk portfolio purchase company is that you don’t have to do all the work. They do all the negotiations for you to find the best deals on your behalf, partnering with the nation’s leading banks, credit unions, private investors, and finance companies.

If you are an Independent Auto Dealer or a Buy Here Pay Here Auto Dealer with a growing portfolio of automotive loan notes, selling to a company like Dealer Capital could be the solution to all your cash flow needs. Contact Dealer Capital today for a free, no-obligation quote with competitive rates on your entire portfolio.

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