A Quick Guide To Carriers Liability Insurance

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Carrier liability insurance is a coverage for all the expenses that could be liable for damage of the goods belonging to furniture removal companies, couriers, or anyone in business. The damage can be primary or secondary but is equally covered under this insurance. Whether there is destruction caused due to some road accident, fire or there is any secondary damage resulting from their service, carrier liability insurance covers it all.


There are some companies that operate the national fleet while there are others who transport dangerous goods through trucks and other vehicles. Whichever category you fall in, during the times of unexpected occurrences, brokers from the renowned firms like Truck Insurance HQ can identify the right insurance plan for you and help in managing all your risks.


Every time a company ships goods, despite all the safety measures the chances of accidents are still the same. This is why you need carrier liability insurance. Only insurance like this can help you come out from the unexpected mishaps.

What is Carrier’s Liability?

When there are shipment losses, damages and delays, the carrier is the one who is responsible for all.  And not just this, the carrier is liable for the following stuff during shipment –


  • Any loss or damage caused due to the shipper.
  • Loss due to the act of God.
  • Loss occurred by public authority/ government agencies.
  • Inherent nature of goods. For example any loss that might have occured due to mishandling the products or if there is some hole or crack in the container etc.


After you get your hands on carrier liability insurance, you need to prove everything that you are not liable for. Like for example if the container had a hole when it got delivered to the customer spo need to prove that it was not the same when you shipped it or kept it in the truck. These little things help you claim the perks of insurance. Though carrier’s liability insurance is not something that you can completely count on, this doesn’t mean it is not important. It is an essential part that is needed for the shipment business that involves expensive commodities. It truly covers the loss of protection against the value of goods shipped.


In case you are looking forward to the same, do connect with us and get engaged with the best insurance partners for all your shipment hacks and have a safe shipment.

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