ACL Reconstruction Treatment in India at Affordable Cost

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ACL is one of the essential ligaments for the proper functioning of the knee joint. If you suffer from the ligament breakdown, you must seek the treatment at the earliest as per the doctor’s assistance. Any further delay in the procedure might lead to further damage to the knee joint.

The deteriorating of the ligaments or the joints can result in the complexities of the surgeries. If you plan your treatment at the earliest, there are chances that you might gain recovery without the surgery. However, for severe cases, you have to plan your ACL Reconstruction Surgery in India

Benefits of ACL Reconstruction Surgery In India:

After the ACL Reconstruction Surgery in India, the patient can avail the following benefits:

  • The surgery helps to regain the mobility in your knee and overcome the pain
  • Your knee condition improves considerably, and there is no risk for further damage
  • A patient can restart playing after availing the surgery in India, although he has to wait for the recovery
  • Low cost of the ACL Surgery in India

What is the Cost of ACL Reconstruction Surgery in India?

The ACL Operation Cost in India is somewhere between the range of USD 4,500 to 6,000. In short, you can say it is very cost-effective. Undergoing the treatment in India proves to be the great savage to your pocket.

The variation in the cost depends on several factors, including the:

  • The severity of ligament disorder
  • Type of surgery adapted
  • Age of the patient
  • Expenses involved in the prognosis process
  • The choice of a treatment centre for the patient
  • Fees of the medical team and the surgeon for the overall proceedings
  • The price for the post-operative care
  • Cost for the drugs and medicine, and other such expenses

These are just the medical factors that affect the price of ACL treatment. There can be some non-medical expenses too. It involves:

  • The price for the visa application process
  • Travel, food, and accommodation costs
  • Miscellaneous.

To your surprise, the expenses involved in the ACL treatment inclusive of all the factors; be it medical or non-medical you are going to save considerably. It will be a great relief to your pocket along with satisfactory results when you plan your medical tourism to India. 

It is because the price for medical procedures in other western countries is very high. It is approximately four to five times higher compared to the cost of treatment in India.

Final words:

Over 90% of the patients, travelling to India for their ACL reconstruction surgery have added more than ten years of life to their knees. None of the patients suffers any of the complications after the treatment like infection, blood clotting or others. 

However, there can be some of the minor side-effects after the treatment, but those are easily curable with the help of drugs and medicines. In case you want to avail the benefits, you are equally responsible for following the instructions of the medical team. Any ignorance can lead to unwanted complications. 

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