Everything You Need to Know About Air Duct Cleaning Process

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Do you know that your air duct needs thorough cleaning every four to five years? 

Are you worried about your house being dirty during the air duct cleaning process? 

Are you frequently searching ‘air conditioner repair near me but are not sure of what kind of services you need? 

Are you thinking of buying air duct cleaning tools and DIY it? 

Well, we would suggest you hold on and read on to know everything about the air duct cleaning process below, which wil cnvince you that some things are better left for professionals:

Why and When Do You Need to Clean Your Air Ducts?

The first question that might pop up into your mind is that why do you need to clean your air ducts.

Well, even if we keep aside what National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) suggests, we have some concrete reasons to convince you on getting your air ducts cleaned at least once in five years. This frequency also depends on the area you live and the quality of the air your home has.

  1. In some extreme cases where there is high humidity, molds can develop inside your air ducts and can grow at a high speed. Duct cleaners can kill and remove this mold.
  2. In homes where residents suffer from various allergies related to air quality, it becomes essential to get the ducts cleaned regularly.
  3. Whenever you walk into your home from outside, you bring a lot of pollutants and allergens along. The return ducts take these away. However, with time, they start accumulating in the ducts. This can be removed by air duct cleaning.
  4. Dirty air ducts reduce the functional capacity of your HVAC units. Gradually, these units start consuming more power and resulting in sky-rocketed bills. For proper and optimized functioning of HVAC, air ducts need regular cleaning.
  5. If you have recently fixed up something in your home, have renovated it or if you have shifted to a new home, duct cleaning becomes a necessity to remove any debris, dust, and contaminants from your home.
  6. If some chemical irritants have spread in your home accidentally, you need to clean your air ducts at the earliest. The chemical smell might be toxic and may lead to some severe health issue for the residents.

Why Should You Outsource the Cleaning Process?

The air duct cleaning service providers are trained and certified professionals, with experience and all the adequate air-duct cleaning tools with them. They have the hose that connects to your air ducts to provide negative pressure to them to clean them. They have equipment that generates the right amount of pressure that is needed to clean them.

Additionally, if you DIY cleaning of the air ducts, you will end up making a mess in your own house from the vents. The dust particles that you will blow from the ducts will come out of the vents to make your home even more dirty. Professionals, however, seal the vents tightly and prevent any unwanted particles from entering into your house while cleaning.

Hence, it is more convenient to call the air duct cleaning service provider and get your ducts cleaned.

Beware of These Cleaning Companies

Unfortunately, there are no governing bodies to govern this process. That is the reason why many companies take advantage and quote as low as $99 or any other such small amount to clean the ducts of your house. They come in, start the process and after cleaning a few ducts for the initial low amount, charge exorbitant prices to complete the rest of the work.

Such companies spoil the name of the whole industry. As a result, many homeowners don’t consider cleaning their air-ducts even after eight or ten years to save themselves from the scamming industry.

The right way to choose your air-duct cleaner is to check whether it follows National Air Duct Cleaner’s Association’s process of cleaning. If it does, you can be sure to give your duct cleaning into safe hands.

For a healthy home environment, it is vital to have healthy air to breathe. With dirty air ducts, this will not be possible. Hence, call your air duct cleaner now and get pure air to breathe in.

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