All You Need To Know About Bridging Visa C

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It should be granted to an individual who has already applied for a substantive visa but right now they don’t have any significant visa or they are no longer

This visa allows them to continue to be in Australia until the candidate receives their new substantive visa.

One can’t leave Australia being a bridging visa c holder.

It lets you stay in Australia until your considerable visa application process.

If you are keeping any substantive visa during the application of bridging visa then one need to follow substantial visa policies and after it expired one can comply with bridging

When one should apply for Bridging Visa C

There is a below-given problem one might also face if he/she don’t opt for any bridging visa and turn out to be an illegal citizen of Australia:-

If in any case your substantive visa application is rejected and you want to reapply for it then you are no longer capable to do because you need to give

a proper explanation for why you are an illegal citizen for that length of time.

Is Bridging Visa C permits an individual to work in Australia?

Although bridging visa C doesn’t allow an individual to work in

Australia till he/she applied for under given important visa:-

  1. Business Innovation and Investment Visa Subclass 888
  2. Business Innovation and Investment  Visa subclass 188

Can one travel outdoor Australia holding bridging visa C (BVC)?

No, one cannot journey outside Australia holding bridging visa C, it will cease at that second and the person holding bridging visa c is also not eligible to reapply for

If you need to visit outside Australia then you need to talk about your trouble with the case officer of your visa or you can also contact your migration agent Adelaide.

Visa Requirements for BVC are as follows:-

  1. The candidate must be in Australia at the time of application.
  2. The candidate must be applied for the onshore substantive visa only.
  3. The candidate should not hold any substantive visa at the time of the bridging visa C application.
  4. If the candidate is dealing with financial difficulty then they can apply for some other bridging visa c which allows them to work if they are eligible for it


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