All You Need to Know About Shrooms

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Magic mushrooms – or shrooms as they are known colloquially – are a group of mushrooms that contain psilocybin. As they are mushrooms, they are technically fungi and not plants! The mushrooms tend to be small in stature and brown in color. The magic mushroom is broken down by the body into a compound called psilocybin. Psilocybin often equates to psychedelic as it is a hallucinogen that travels through the blood-brain barrier and acts on the serotonin receptors, as a neurotransmitter would, to produce mind- and mood-altering effects. These serotonin receptors are in the area of the brain that process sensory experiences. That is to say, magic mushrooms are a psychotropic drug. They act on the central nervous system. Psilocybin is naturally derived from – the psychedelic component in – magic mushrooms. Its effects tend to last between two and seven hours.

Following the intake of magic mushrooms, you often experience vivid visuals – colours appear enhanced, visual acuity is improved, and surfaces seem to breathe. Images are perceived to warp, and solid colours are perceived to shift. It is not uncommon for you to have the feeling that you are one with your environment and even the Universe. In fact, many individuals who take psilocybin attest to being in nature when doing so because of the beauty of such a sensorially rich environment. The auditory, like vision, is often heightened with sound having more clarity. You may possibly experience synesthesia where sensory perceptions are altered when seeing colours. People have been known to describe this as hearing or feeling a colour as opposed to simply seeing it.

Those who have taken magic mushrooms have also explained that time seems to stand still. All these effects are regulated by factors like quantity of the dosage, your past exposure and what you anticipate out of the experience. These effects can also be affected by the type of mushroom. One type that is most common is the psilocybe cubensis, which can be purchased from Amazing Shrooms. It is larger than most other types and tends to have a cap with a red hue. Its flesh is sticky and transforms into a blue color when crushed. Even in this single type, there are subdivisions whose potency range.

You may choose to brew the shrooms in tea or prepare it with food. Alternately, the mushrooms can be dried and crushed into powder. These are available as psilocybin capsules. At Amazing Shrooms, you may buy magic mushrooms online. These magic mushroom types are psilocybin – alacabenzi cubensis, as noted above, and psilocybin – golden teachers. As well, you may buy psilocybin capsules in dosages of 20MG, 50MG, 100MG and 200MG that have added bonuses of cinnamon (lowers blood sugar levels), ginger (digestion) and turmeric (antioxidant).

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